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DE Dance Camp 09
December 14, 2009, 12:20 am
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This is the first time I’ve felt a sense of belonging to DE and that I’ve actually created something with the people there. I’ve also realized how awesome it is to enjoy and improve at the same time. Yesterday I felt quite down but today it was a high again! It as a build-up actually. First, Marcus (who has endless legs and gorgeous fluidity!) said that class was for us to go all out and try. The teacher is mostly rooting for us to get it. Cast away the fear…self-consciousness…and just learn as much as we can! FEEL THE DANCE!!!  And I immediately thought of how I didn’t catch Zaini”s choreo the day before. I was set to such a beautiful Chinese oldie and the movements were  just so apt and emotive, I felt sad that I couldn’t dance to its full glory. The tipping point came when Zaini gave us a lesson on make-up and demonstrated a really wayang look on me. I felt more confident somehow, and wanted to channel all the emo elegant lady I could! It also helped a lot that he went through every step and I really paid attention and polished it. Lynette’s feedback also helped a lot, I realised I need to be sharper in my movements and follow the counts, only then can I add dynamics and feeling.

I also felt really happy when I helped some of the juniors in the dance and guided them slowly. It feels great when I see them finally get it and dance so much nicer! It’s amazing how talented some of them are, like Shanez, no dance background but could pick up so fast. Melissa was really sweet too, she gripped my arm and went ‘You are so nice and patient, thank you!’ That made my day =) And also chatting intermittently with Shuli about our Chung Cheng days and Jeanette being so nice to lend me her laptop (hence my ability to blog now!) Musa lending me his cashcard to get 100plus from the vending machine, Sangit delivering food supplies to my room and lending me his small pillow to hug. Amanda and another senior for their interesting lunchtime conversation.VK lending me her make-up and calling me an ‘angel’ cuz my moves were too soft (lol). Mindy sms-ing even when she’s having her O school recital. It’s recognising such random happy moments that make the camp worthwhile.

I’m aching all over now, but say bye to my fats and hello to toned muscular legs and hourglass figure WOOTS! I need a good massage after camp ends. Maybe on the 16th..


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