Thou greatest enemy is thyself

July 20, 2007, 7:43 am
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Last night..after a tiring time at SOT (the coffee made me sleepy) I caught the same train as Soph so that she could pass me my card reader. The 7 min journey from Eunos MRT to her home was fraught with danger, cockroaches lurking at every corner. From far, it looks like an innocuous brown leaf, but walk closer and you’ll spot the gleam of its glossy wings. As I shuddered with fear and juddered to a halt, the evil critter scuttled towards me! ARGH! Poor Sophie, she was a little spooked by me. Ok that’s an understatement. Anyway, she hypothesised that the cockroaches could sense my fear. Yup. Arhz..met about 20+ to and fro. I ❤ Soph.

Todayyyyy!!! Haha Witono dropped by today, hew was boiling beetles, i dunno wad the hell for. Dong Hao, Ming Hui, Ying Tong, Sailor Guy, Jing Yi, Jia Jin, Wan Shi and Rimiko were at the TRC doing the mural, was a really toucjed. Dunno..a warm fuzzy feeling always wells up when I see all my seniors and juniors congregated tgt. (:

Haha ok so random, i’m gonna watch King Lear toniiight!! With Li Min. Whee~


Food For Thought
July 16, 2007, 2:34 pm
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Why do I still drag my aching body to wushu after Monday’s group PE? I have no idea, but wad i know is: I NEED TO BUILD UP MY STAMINA! And fast!! After that i went to Bugis to visit the new cafe ‘Food for Thought’ opened by the GP tutors at School of Thought. It’s on the first floor of North Bridge Centre, the black glass building opposite National Library. The ambience is great! And apparently Mr Tong went through the menu with a chef friend from St Julien. The vegetarian selection is limited, BUT it’s expected =/ I guess the drinks are enough; quite special lar, stuff like lychee sage, watermelon mint, etc. Gonna be a prime spot for mugging too *2 thumbs up* Anyway it was kinda late, so Marc stayed home after his floorball match, kinda disappointed but i understand..there’s school as usual tml. Vicky came down cuz he lives at Bras Basah Complex (I’m so jealous, this is like my favourite area ever xD) Went to Mac’s to eat Oreo McFlurry despite the omnipresent risk of growing fat =.=” Talked about school, Felicia, SBM, their new band, unfulfilled dreams. I’m STUCK, the only thing is to trudge on and work no my Prelims and A levels yada-yada.. Where would I be going after that?? I don’t have a damn clue..

July 14, 2007, 12:35 pm
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Sophie’s June 13th post. 4-way convo cum cry fest *reminds self*

July 14, 2007, 12:02 pm
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Today, I forgo Hwee and Dee’s birthday lunch to go for wushu. SIGH~ can’t have everything =/ ANYWAY, today two coaches from China dropped by to give us pointers and give us a mock exam. Was sooooo nervous that I almost vomitted after my first routine: chang quan. They gave me 7.5, which was DAMN lenient (I forgot like a whole chunk of steps) and 8.7 for sword. I hurt my right shoulder, knees and my left wrist is still uncured. ='( Better go for tie da soon or else I won’t be at my optimal condition. Plus I gotta practise my routines more to make it flow and reduce the number of silly mistakes!!! Jun Bin and Renfred came too. We took a ‘historical’ photo. Me, Sophie, Valerie, Yu Ying, Xue Leong, Wei Ren, Kenny, Yao Wu, Jun Da, David, Bowen, Xiang En, De Li ge, Yun jie, Xiao Yun and Guang Wen lao shi. Why is it historical? Cuz u never know when we can be together again. Some might leave us after August competitions, or upon entering NS, furthering studies overseas, etc. The passion is in all of us, but what matters most is perseverance, to constantly improve and take pride in perfecting our art. Yes, wushu is an artform which combines strength, grace and the Chinese spirit. Despite the injuries and mental strain, I can’t help but push myself even more, to break through my current level..

Arhz..we went to the Four-face Buddha to eat again. It’s a mini hawker centre nestled among the tall buildings and monuments in Bugis. Great vegetarian stall there x) Opposite National Library, beside the church (or mosque?), go check it out some time. Oh yes, and I’m determined to get a cool bike like Jun Bin and Renfred xD

When things crash around me..
July 12, 2007, 3:46 pm
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Just a little pick-me-up before i get into the depressing stuff. That tarot reading in my previous post is SO damn accurate! The ‘future’ part states that there’ll be new-found wealth and sure enough, here I am cuddling a secondhand (but nonetheless FREEE~) white iPod Nano!! I shan’t tell u how i got it, but i’ll definitely cherish it cuz… =)

Liling and I took train back and we were discussing how some of her friends were kind of…apathetic, when I suddenly spotted Felicia on Lianhe Wanbao. She’d been missing for 12 days and is suspected to be abducted. -X I really pray for her safe return and hopefully this will serve as a reminder to all to make the most with the time u spend with your friends and family cuz unever know when will they be gone…

July 9, 2007, 4:37 am
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PAST- The Knight of Cups.
Physical Description: A young man, often well-travelled (in Singapore?) with a fair complexion, casual in appearance (yeah..) .
Reverse Meaning: An idle swindler, a false lover who is a heart-breaker (TRUE!). Possibly the card shows a lover going away. (for good, i hope -.-“)

PRESENT- The Nine of Swords.
Keyword: Cruelty.
Meaning: Anxiety and sleepless nights, spite and slander which undermine confidence. (I wont’t let it happen to me again..) Suffering that is for eventual good such as putting up with painful treatment in order to get better (more like intensive mugging to pass A’s). Female health problems (period twice in a row) and, possibly, self-punishment and guilt. (binge-eating and growing FAT!)

FUTURE- The Four of Pentacles.
Keyword: Possessions.
Meaning: Material stability and holding on to the security and possessions you have gained. Financial problems will be overcome and you will find yourself in a comfortable situation. Money in the bank. (Wheeee~)