Thou greatest enemy is thyself

February 29, 2008, 3:48 pm
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de li ge just called, unhappy with me (as usual), cuz i was late for jerrine’s class at bedok west pri last thur and it got back to him, and he was the one who recommended me. He’s right, i should be more street-smart and sensitive to social etiquette. I can’t be the 不闻不问的小女孩 anymore and act blur (actually it’s not an act. Still…) and assume ppl will forgive and forget. Like how i commented that the photoshop image on zul’s blog looks like a mongolzoid when i actually meant mongolian — it turned out to be his younger bro =.= Like wtf right? Sometimes i just feel like shutting up my mouth forever cuz it gets me into so much trouble. Like ppl won’t care if you don’t mean it, the point is you’ve said it and it’s hanging in the air a smog of poisonous words that chokes the friendship and goodwill that ever existed.

Ok i’m being emo but sometimes I just swing into this pessimistic mood. Like how on wed I smsed 43 ppl to watch L, and only 7 went to watch Juno in the end? Long story…except that I won’t ever organize these sorta thing over phonecalls and sms again. The $$$ spent was enuf to buy myself a ticket!!! Oh and on hindsight it WASN’T a good idea to be all upset over it, my purpose was to watch a good movie and encourage more ppl to come along. If they cancelled last minute or didn’t bother to reply it’s probably cuz they weren’t aware that giving a prompt definite reply is greatly appreciated, or that they had that ‘none from my clique is going so i won’t go’ complex. Zul was sweet, bothered to call and all and let me release my pent-up emo-ness a little more. Ryan was cute, i didn’t expect him to like promise to make up for it. Zhonghao was well-meaning but… you get the idea lol~ but thanks anyway (:  dunno why on earth i called zai first then kent seething with rage and CRYING towards the end. The irritating ‘i’ll go if he goes’ pair. Mr Heng, Ang Hwee have both said, ‘why care abt the ppl who don’t care abt you’? you’re doing yourself a great disservice! Ok, i’m starting to get that now.

 Which brings me to the perennial dilemma, should i cast my net wide and know as many ppl as possible or only invest in a few who are closer in maturity and clickability? The answer…is both. One reason I LURVE my airport guide job is being rotated at different posts with different ppl. JC, poly, ITE, straight, gay, bi, old, young, pleasant, cranky, slack, hiong, clueless, happening, flirty, staid, whatever. I rly rly like connecting to them and finding out about their life, it’s interesting that we can have so many things in common! The conversations allow me to indulge the many facets of my character (nice way of saying split personality). Some memorable ones include [F pier with Fifi and Kif: they were talking abt prostitutes and how the govt shouldn’t even allow it cuz it degrades women, with anecdotes from Fifi from her ex who used to organize such things. I argued that it’s the world’s oldest profession and banning it will only result in a bustling black market, blah blah. Then we were talking abt jobs and being independent and further studies, it’s times like these when i realize i’m so sheltered despite my world-wise demeanour.] {a particularly wild and pointless one with Ryan and Zhong Hao at A pier, talkin about rotating human disco balls, and many star wars p-nis jokes. Ryan became my shrink cuz i was so sleepy and emo, ZH became a hapless victim of my merciless massacre when he dared insult the PAP, i was staring at the singapore flag the whole time lol. Fuck Fuckity fuck, I’m so brainwashed, then again ZH gave me new perspective on the lower-middle income families and all} (skybridge with zai, i was particularly confident that day, a rare occurence and I can say that was my favourite post, when zai was there to practise my wit and charm on, and after he left when i said good morning to every single person who passed and they ALWAYS smiled and came to ask questions. It feels good to help ppl =)

Oh wait…EXCEPT LOCALS!! The particularly snobbish, deluded ingrates who put a smudge on Singapore’s majority of kind-hearted sensible folks. Ok I shall continue another time cuz my mum’s been shouting for the com for the past….6 hours or so, hee

 I complained to Zul and Julz that i hated my blog entries’ fakeness. Like Kat…you can practically imagine her talking in that brusque no-nonsense way, Zul his i-don’t-give-a-damn-abt-how-u-think-of-me-but-i-love-me vibe, ivan who gives small tantalizing chunks of his love/sex life and….lemme think, sophie, who manages to portray her perfect life, k that’s an exaggeration but she does manage to put tgt the best n worst and conclude that it’s all good, you know what i mean? Lol…this is me, verbal diarrhoea mode. x)


February 25, 2008, 1:32 pm
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It’s been AAAAGES since i updated. Let’s start from ytd ya? I went to the AIRSHOW with Le Le and Val, the crowds and stifling heat almost made me faint half the time, but the stunning aerial display(Aussie Roulettes and RSAF Black Knights!!) was worth the suffering and many insufferable gits who’re unfortunately singaporean. Let’s elaborate on the latter…the queues at pasir ris mrt there were quite awe-inspiring, hordes of docile lambs passing through the gates. The this joker had to say it’s alright just cut queue. Isn’t he scared of the people morphing into a herd of rampaging rams?! Then we have the usual suspects: complain king/queens, litterbugs, freebie groupies. All these I witnessed firsthand and in horrifyingly close-up detail.

Then I went for steamboat at lao shi’s studio in trengganu street. Felt damn weird and out-of-place at first but quickly warmed up. Highlights of the nhight included: 3 consecutive wins in mahjong (I’ve got beginner’s luck u don’t hermy!!), the fooooood (xl makes nice pepper chicken wings), and the ppl (what else, all those gui ren who helped me in mahjong like samartha and wei ren, and kenny who helped me in ban lak thank u all =’))

 On sat I went for ntu admissions talk at suntec convention centre. Went with a heavy heart but my mood was considerably lifted by 2 courses which caught my eye: mass comm in wkw and linguistics in hsc. now that I’ve got a goal, maybe i should ditch my airport guide job and scout for an internship in a publishing house to boost my potrfolio and show my sincerity and passion. Slowly slowly…despite the similarities, both emphasize on language, the uses and work that entails is vastly different. I need to make out my interests and aptitude and figure out which suits me more.

So much work, so little time..RESULTS ARER COMING UP SOON, after a string of friday false alarms i think the real thing might be next week!! >.<“

Woah it all comes at once
February 5, 2008, 10:47 pm
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The Bottom Line

If you are trying to find a way to organize your stuff (or your life), get help.

In Detail

If you are trying to find a new way to organize your stuff (or your life), you should consider finding a professional to help you out. Whether you need a cleaner house, a better-fitting wardrobe, a balanced checkbook, or a more balanced outlook on life, there are people who can help. Going it alone is fine for some things, but expert knowledge is required for certain tasks and goals. Ask around. Seek out people you trust and find out if they have anyone that they can recommend.

Follow Up

Spring-cleaning, wardrobe staple gathering and bargain hunting, starting an accounts book on expenditure and income I can strike out on my own. All I need is advice on MY FUTURE course and career, which reminds me: I need to make plans to celebrate (or mourn) after getting A level results… Perhaps ice cream at Pluck will do the trick.

Long talks with Hwee, Derek and Mr Tong are long overdue. Gotta make appointments with them fast. In addition, I need to do a report on my past relationship with Mr Tickles to find out what I really wish for in love.

February 1, 2008, 12:16 am
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baking cheesecake at louis’ sister’s hse. and gained new status in jia ying’s eyes ^^

found out huimin is actually zhipeng’s sis.

had a treat by daryl from the dessert stall at bedok interchange.

syed had no choice but to blanjah mean cuz he got a $10 tip.

bunch of gurls! cheryl eileen sarah jillian yan jun catrin, fatin jocelyn

bunch of guys! samuel, jonathan, kent, dhana, dominic, zairil, faizal

bunch of aunties and uncles! jennifer, ali, ramlah,

i love reggae man.

3 jobs or 1?