Thou greatest enemy is thyself

Pitter-patter of contentment
February 25, 2009, 9:44 pm
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The slippers splashing puddles,
Clutching my umbrella in excitement
After a day passed in a muddle.

I’m befuddled by this exciting routine
That is meeting my Darling,
For a mere meal or a cuddle.

And believe it or not, the rain stopped when Lester reached. Didn’t dminish the pleasure of tucking into a piping hot bowl of bak chor mee and carrot cake. Washed down with sugarcane juice it was just heavenly. Then he took bus 14 to tuition. What a nice interlude between work and more work eh meeting his lovely girlfriend ;p

Yesterday was pretty good too, felt that I was neglecting my social life with Darling monopolizing all my dates. So I decided to go for 4BN gathering, that turned out more into a clique -1 (li ling) +1 (me) thing. Funny how comfortable I felt with them. Thanks ting jie for cajoling me to go =) 

Oh and do catch slumdog millionaire. It’s so real and tear-inducing and exhilarating at the same time. Watched it with juulia whom I haven’t seen for ages since leaving SBM. Haha she’s like the first person to see me with the new bangs.

I kind of like it, toot as it looks; it takes out the emo side of my personality and brings out the idealistic happier side of me. Plus Darling said he could see both my beautiful eyes better. Yay~ more soul-gazing ahead 😀


February 2, 2009, 10:51 am
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The ox year would be a time of sowing the seeds for a long-lasting relationship with Darling. This is the first time; I’m so involved in his life and he in mine. Last Saturday I went wakeboarding with him and woah…he’s good =) On Sunday, I had reunion lunch with his family. On Monday, he welcomed a new member into my family, Beauty the Jack Russell. On Tuesday he cabbed over at 8.30am to drive my parents to the airport and drive me to Aunty Siew Ai’s house and finally to the baptism of fire at my second home. His 5-room flat was overflowing with assorted aunties, uncles and cousins.

It was a long time before we were alone together again, then…