Thou greatest enemy is thyself

Christmas comes early
April 26, 2009, 1:56 am
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On the first day of freedom, my true love came to me.
He brought me to…P.S. CAFE~ aaaat Dempsey Road!!!
The ambience was lovely, it reminded me 
of a Midsummer’s Night~ Dreeeeeam…….

Then the strongest winds ever in Singapore’s history started blowing, and L had to drive us back in constant peril of falling boughs and tree trunks. (Still, it was part of the magic…)

Thursday….what did I do? Oh I went to borders!!! Read a collection of (not very) short stories by Catherine Lim, and boy do I have new respect for her. She’s not just a vocal critic of the local system but also a vivid storyteller who paints Singapore as it is. Went on to scan through Paul Coelho‘s latest work ‘The Winner Stands Alone’, which warns about the twin traps of materialism and fame, or rather, people’s obsession with it. Love the laconic manner he describes his characters, a refreshing change from the the dreamy fable-like quality of ‘The Alchemist’.

Watched Taken starring Liam Neeson too. GO. CATCH. IT.

Unforgettably Friday, L and I spent time together in school. Can’t wait for next sem, we’ll be able to stroll around in school together as a couple =D

And today we went to Shang Palace, the flagship restaurant of Shangri-La Hotel in Orchard. The portions were bite-sized but the number of courses was mind-boggling, from lobster and peking duck to…(I dozed off) OK anyway, pics spik a thouzand wurdz, will upload em soon! Complete with reviews and captions =)


Favourite things
April 7, 2009, 1:58 am
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Life gets unbearable sometimes, but running through a list of my fav things in my head distract me just enough to teeter away from the edge.

Material girl likes Calvin Klein underwear, Marks and Spencers bras, Dorothy Perkins tubes, Topshop camis, Hypnosis oversized Ts, Fashion.lab fabrics, Fox pants, Zara jeans, H&M skinnies, Bossini capris and berms, Cotton On shorts, This Fashion finds, Bods.Bodynits basics, vintage skirts, no-brand plain tanks and graphic tees, Pazzion slip-ons, Sole Lover oxfords, Bata school shoes, Aldo flats, Fornarina pumps (I want!)

Hungry girl likes Soup Spoon soups (what else), Stewhaus stews (ditto), Pastamania pastas, Jaegermeister tonic, TCC treats, din tai fung delicacies, Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream, Jalan Kayu curry, Thomson roti prata, Adam Road nasi lemak, NTU Extension bak chor mee, Maxwell porridge, Newton orh luak, Aston’s chicken cutlet, Peranakan Place chap chye, Tyrwhitt tom yam, Tiong Bahru pork chop, Goodman Road cup noodles……………  

Geeky girl likes Kinokuniya letter sets, Borders magazines, Popular books, Precious Thots figurines, Me to You cards, Emily the Strange illustrations, Zebra Crossing theatre productions, SDT Ballet Under the Stars, Sinema films, Picturehouse arthouse movies, School of Thought lessons, Levi’s tortoiseshell specs, Bausch and Lomb contact lens and solution, Dove soap, Loreal shampoo, Milo energy drink, Brand’s chicken essence, Scott’s original emulsion, Yakult, Nokia N82, Apple Macbook, IKEA heart huggy…………….