Thou greatest enemy is thyself

April 17, 2007, 1:45 am
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Shucks why must i dio stomach flu right after wushu intersch? It makes winning a bronze somewhat….pointless. Urgh! Missed the triple jump on monday too, nooo

April 11, 2007, 12:51 pm
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Hahaha today was an emotional rollercoaster. Perhaps I’m taking this whole wushu competition too seriously. My knees hurt, ankle feels funny, and back’s sore. Nevertheless, I shall try my best not to disappoint the TJ wushu team, coach, etc. xD Was real intimidated whenever I saw the VJ/CCH camp, while feeling some inexplicable bond, (of course, it’s one-sided..) hehe. Well, I rly appreciated Soph looking thru my whole sword sequence and giving constructive suggestions, plus attempting to make me relax.

Ultimately, it was kenny who’s the best: 3-in-1 stress-buster, chinese sinseh and god bro. AwW~ but he still can’t seem to get the fact that i’m single and UN-available!! Perhaps he wants to share the joy of finding a gf/bf. Yu Ying is a lucky girl, btw her hairdo was COOL! And erm…didn’t dare talk to Val cuz she look so shiong, like a warrior.

Found that I knew quite a few groups of ppl: HCI & miscellaneous who go TPY East CC, VJ/CCH camp, De Li ge’s child prodigies (Bowen, Ren Feng), and even Manjusri ppl who go SBM! MJC was particularly striking, one of the guys set a new record in cudgel or smth, and the supporters came in full force.

Well, Chen Shao was ranting abt how the judges were biased, I didn’t buy it but a question crossed my mind: Would he have said the same if he’s still in VJ?? Hmm..

Anyway, medals aren’t everything. What matters most is the cameraderie with wushu mates and knowing that you’ve stretched yourself to the fullest. When you’re alone on that mat, people will recognise your efforts if you’ve put in your all in order to give them a good show.

And that’s what I plan to do tml, give them a good show. (How dancerish of me lol xD)


WUSHU intersch: Day 1
April 9, 2007, 2:32 pm
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My life must have been shortened by a few years.

First I paid Li Min $202 for a ‘King Lear’ ticket.
Then I lost my wallet with $70+ in it, but found it again at the GO.
Mental Note to Self: Thank some girl from 22/07

Next we went to Manjusri Sec for Wushu Intersch.
Saw lots of familiar faces, with UN-familiar expressions. (read: serious)
Stressss~ I had this idiotic smile plastered on my face..screaming now and then.

Stared at Zhi Peng lao shi for sooo long before I remembered his name =.=”
Then spotted Kenny opposite with his new girl Yu Ying.
Yao Wu, ‘ballroom dancer’ with cute butt, grr..jealous.
Some guys from TPY cc
Yumi, lithe and pretty, total head-turner.
Joyce, Jie Ru and the other China gal.
Alex, Mayer who owned Nan Quan.
Songyan =) 2nd in A div!!!
That vain guy perched on the table beside us.
Daryl who freaked me out.
OH most importantly Limin and Bertha who let me alternate b/t their shoulders.

*yawn* zzz

Hilary Swank
April 6, 2007, 3:21 pm
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Hilary Swank is my idol. A great example of someone who was passionate in acting and actively pursued it with the help of her mum. Now, she’s finally being recognised for her hard work and talent. Definitely on her way to being an A-List actress and Oscar contender. =D Though she doesn’t have a distinctive face (in fact her mouth looks a little like Julia Robert’s), that’s an advantage for she’s SO versatile.

On Tuesday, I watched Freedom Writers with Mich at PS, and just now I watched The Reaping with HIdayah at Lido. From an idealistic earnest can-do teacher who flashes a trademark toothy smile at even the most impossible moments, she morphs into the role of a no-nonsense lecturer cum part-time ‘God’s miracle’ myth-buster who gets more and more disturbed. I will further elaborate.

In Freedom Writers, it’s a true account of an inspiring high school teacher who brings out the best in her students, each of them warring gang members. Although it’s rated a paltry 2.5 stars, I consider it a rly touching and emphatic movie (Coach Carter style). DO catch it, it offers a peak of Long Beach life and some things that we’ll be unlikely to experience as Singaporean students.

The Reaping – – – – – I almost didn’t dare watch. It’s about God sending warning signals in the form of plagues. The whole thing was eerie, a first class thriller not seen since ‘The Others’ featuring Nicole Kidman. I guessed the twist about 10 minutes before it was revealed; beats ‘The Prestige’ in terms of outcome-guessability. Funny enough, the idea of reincarnation was brought up when Katherine’s (Swank’s character) daughter died and appeared again in Haven where she was sent to investigate. I relished the myriad of possible interpretations, the one to which i subscribe to was that while God sent an angel (in the form of Katherine’s firstborn) to wipe out evil, Satan impregnated Katherine with a boy to spread future mayhem. I predict this’ll be in the sequel. OOOH can’t wait! xD The scariest freakiest thing was the blood and scientific evidence and biblical texts brought in that made it all so…plausible *shudders* But i can stomach it. Whee~

Btw, thanx Mich for baking moist blueberry muffins for me, and Hidayah for suppresing my urge to munch on smth LOL! Oh and the exercise from taking her to Borders and Kino and walking in Gap, etc. Well, i guess teens are very similar after all. Everyone enjoys hanging out! =)

April 3, 2007, 1:45 pm
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My heart’s still beating very fast, 50 minutes after leaving TM GV. 300 is awesome. ALL THOSE ABS! *drool* Lol jk.. Basically, tis a dramatization of Frank Miller’s graphic novel 300. King Leonidas led an army of 300 to defend Sparta against the overwhelming Persians who’re under Xerxes, self-proclaimed god, meglomanic gay. Yeah, ‘Freedom is Important’ and Zack Snyder makes sure this message is driven into our brains using brilliant visuals.

I’m no movie purist; the plot may be excellent, characters compelling, but it’s the aesthetic appeal that draws me most. Using bluescreen technology and polished CG effects, the audience is plunged into a dreamscape where EVERYTHING is beautiful, even the splattering blood and chopped off heads. Yes, violence is glorified, but justifiably so. You’ll see it in their eyes; to protect their loved ones and homeland, the only beacon of hope for democracy! *wipes a tear*

Haha ok..that was gay, but I was on an emotional rollercoaster; one moment adrenaline-pumping battle scenes, the next heartbreakingly tender ‘last-time-sex’. Not much diff from my current state actually, gungho but utterly vulnerable. 300 was TRULY inspirational, taught us to be strong and brave in the face of potential downfall, have faith in the small group of staunch friends who stick around, and last but not least to stand true to oneself. The odds might be against you, but learn to laugh and not take life too seriously, and things will turn out fine, yeah =)

Which reminds me of some of the memorable moments in the movie. A hail of arrows that blot out the sun shower on the Spartans, and while they’re crouched under their shields, one guy starts giggling and sets them off with some joke about ‘fighting in the shade’. Like very funny meh?? LOL~ Then there were the sad sad parts, sigh..oh man just go see for yourself ya? I guarantee you’ll be blown away.

Credits to Rachel who lent me her IC cuz I’m not yet 18, and also Li Ling who agreed to accompany me despite only asking her last night. Thanks for lending me $4.50 to buy the April issue of FiRST. Shucks I must learn delayed gratification. Paiseh if I couldn’t hear what you were whispering, was 99.99% absorbed in the movie.

Oh wait wait!! There was one scene which I disliked and it was when King Leo died a martyr, arms wide open and struck to the ground by cruel arrows. Uncanny resemblance to Jesus Christ’s crucifixtion. Bleah. Oh and the person I admired most was the Queen, who pulled the blade on the traitor. Such a woman!! “Only Spartan women give birth to Spartan men.” Visible wrinkles, slightly saggy breasts but still magnificent and eloquent.My IDOL *claps claps*

LCE after LCE
April 2, 2007, 2:43 pm
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LCE = Life Changing Experience

Last Wednesday and Thursday, I went to Madrasah Wak Tanjong Al-Islamiah. Originally, my purpose was to accompany Val and pon sch =p but now..I’m so glad, cuz I got to know more friends and felt welcome despite the difference in culture. Before that, the ONLY contact I had with Malay Muslims was being invited to my father’s ex-worker’s home every Hari Raya (ooo the goodies and curry xD), hearing evening prayers at the void deck of my grandmother’s flat in Ghim Moh, and borrowing clothes from my corner neighbour for Racial Harmony Day. Yep..

The first impression of MWTI was like a fortress isolated from the outside world, the white tudungs, black songkoks and purple uniform looked very formal. The prayers were sung in Arabic (for about 5 minutes?) and they didn’t sing the national anthem or recite the Pledge! Hmm.. But their shy and studious image was broken when we gathered in the lecture theatre.

(to be continued..zzz)