Thou greatest enemy is thyself

Master Blueprint 09
August 26, 2009, 2:41 am
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29/08: DE Audition + SCO concert

30/8: Art seniors KTV

1/9: Deli Aprecio Club AGM + Mr Tong

2-6/9: Asiaworks basic course

15/9: The Big 2-0

18-19/9: The Next Wave 09

25-27/9: F1 night race

28/09: JB seafood trip


10/10: Organise Oktoberfest?

6/11: Tango at RP?

9-29/11: Volunteer for VV? (but it’s exam period!)

Start attending production nights to run for Nanyang Chronicle editor posts?


Counting my blessings that I got into Juli and Nazri’s item for TNW, untried, untested and simply observed by Zaini. N used to dance in drag with Adam! Cool…no wonder he could strike so many pin-up poses (which i fail haha!) Anw, Ling has quit DE for the moment, and at least i can get updates on her life whenever I go for rehearsal. =)

Should i play a more active role in nanyang chronicle? I can either be a reviews/lifestyle editor or run for the bigger posts like chief /sub-editor. Jianyue paints such a tempting picture, but i’ve learnt my lesson not to spread myself thinly across too many portfolios. I am first and foremost an undergrad who needs to get that first class honours (and i’m at least 0.3 points away *le sigh*). I WANT INSTEP IN YR 3!!!


Be a woman, do the right thing!
August 6, 2009, 12:23 am
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I’m so happy darling has made me do the right thing. We ditched clubbing at zouk for me to do my own thing, then rewarded ourselves with another late-night supper (early morning would be more accurate) at hk cafe. Funny how we always discuss serious issues there. Last time it was some English v. Chinese schools debate, now it was about our budget and saving habits.

Anyway, at least something good came out of today, darling bought a new rain shower from Sim Xiang Jun and installed it in the bathroom. He seemed intent on letting me view the drilling and fixing, to the extent of carrying me all the way from his room to the kitchen, where the equipment were laid out. Haha he’s quite the handyman!

The best thing is, we reconnected today. After quarrels and minor squabbles, he tends to be more reticent while I’m more cryptic. I’ve learnt to keep in mind what really counts in love and at the same time be aware of things to improve in the relationship. 

Argh…so many temptations…

polka dot dress $24 from everyday shopper


Cross back dress $29.50 from tsr


arm chain $32 (wtf) from tsr

past in a blur
August 1, 2009, 4:45 am
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what i did this week..

I…joined DND $49 so that I can wear the LBDs that have been smothered in my wardrobe. I also joined Wee Ride $15 cuz the singlet’s cute! Gosh, why the sartorial-related reasons…

I’m set to be a gym rat. And it’s all because I felt bad to reject the friendly Filipino lady Tina who offered me a free 5-day trial at True Fitness. The fact that she waived the $500 joining fee, $125 processing fee, and lowered the monthly rate of $139 to $79 (with GST that’d be $85.30) is only a small part. Hehe =p I signed a 12 month contract that can be continued indefinitely till i die. Not bad, might consider upgrading to the island-wide membership. Right now I’m happy with the Suntec branch, biggest to date with access to swimming pool at NUS guild house!

Oh yes, and I celebrated my 8th month anniversary with Darling!!! Was such a bitch to comment ‘So you didn’t get me a present right..’ when he already got me a bikini from flash n surf middle of July! *slaps forehead*

Weeks ago, I spotted a silver necklace with a tiny airplane pendant on a blogshop and snapped it up immediately for darling. Today, while sieving through a mini book fair at suntec, I spied a thin hardcover about paper planes! It turned out to be an inspirational pictorial book and fit the theme perfectly =) 

310720091527struck by serendipity

stoked at the unexpected gifts =)

Not everything was perfect though, I suspect the chain is cheap nickel as it made L’s neck itch =( must replace it. But other than that he loved it; he could even identify the plane model =p After our customary TCC dinner (one-for-one member’s deal, and free coffee with soup order), things didn’t exactly go smoothly (note to self: me happy = darling happy) >.< but these kinks were ironed out by the time we watched hangover. FRIGGIN’ FUNNY! THE sleeper hit of the year =DD

Recently, I have confirmed my hypothesis that I shop more in times of stress. That’s why it’s called retail therapy duh. Have already bought black pleated shorts ($25 from catwalk close), black zip shorts ($28 from inde-romel), black cropped blazer ($28 from love and bravery), oversized jersey jacket ($27.50 from L&B), topshop-inspired tribal dress ($28 from kizzofgoddess), and a bunch of stuff to be collected from ninja robots and holly surprise.

HOLY SHIT would be a more apt reaction. I need to curb my shopaholic tendencies. So far I’ve been sweeping dresses and other clothes like nobody’s business, I simply hope it doesn’t extend to accessories. I just bought a leather colourblock hairband, a set of bangles and a necklace ($6 each from six). Books seem virtuous in comparison, bought a book ‘women and dogs’ and ‘the cult of the amateur’ ($10 each from suntec).

What else… Ooooh, yes i went for costume fitting at Zebra Crossing Production’s HQ at Arab St. We volunteers will wear kickass snowy tuxedos and distribute freebies and other promotional material at Raffles Place in exchange for 2 tickets to Victor/Victoria the musical!! Awesome….thanks to my CS junior Edwin ^^ I predict we’re gonna bake inside the outfit though. ~.~ anyway, do check out this link and mark your calendars for this top-notch local staging