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Project First Chance so far~
June 30, 2008, 8:22 am
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Had a very very productive meeting today at Siglap Coffee Club! My dear art seniors very kindly agreed to help; Ting Xi would set up the PFC website while Ivan would provide all the graphics, and help design the ZOcards and posters for ‘Uprising’ our concert. Ate KFC with Li Ling and managed to compile a nice long list of tasks and we gotta meet tml to draw out a timeline cuz time is tight..  We were comparing shoes and apparently while we were both advocates of ‘CHEAP AND CHIC’ stuff, I always go for the more expensive brands as I trust that they’ll hold their appeal longer.

We went to Parkway Parade next, as we walked to the bus stop opp KFC, I asked her if my social skills have improved and if I have been not mindful and offended people without meaning to. Of course, she didn’t feel anything was amiss cuz she’s close to me but said that although I have quite a few close friends in SFA, they are not close to each other and so I should censor what I say in case bestie A doesn’t want bestie B ti know abt some stuff. That’s a valid point..but sometimes I do feel obligated to clarify some things so that others would empathise with rather than misunderstand my bestie. OK point taken anyway…haha gotta check timings for tml to watch Sex and the City!

A short add-on: had diarrhoea at Parkway, vomited when I reached each Tanah Merah cuz I felt carsick (or bus-sick) and vomited yet again in the night when I ate bao3 ji4 wan2 and a big cup of water. Felt much better and called my father, cuz he he always took care of me when I had high fever, flu, whatever, he was still out though =x then kim called, unexpectedly, and I felt so touched by his concern though half his mind was like on football lol =) His voice made me sleepy, NOT because it was boring but it was comforting and reminded of the nice warm cuddly being-cared-for feelings when I’m with him. Haiz I miss you…


birds are chirping outside…and bees are buzzing near the lights
June 29, 2008, 6:42 am
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gosh…i’ve gained so many new insights about my dear kim peng………………n i love him more for that!!! So now I’m kinda apprehensive about how he’ll react when he sees MY blog =.= he’s gonna get a huge shock, or big surprise at least when he finds out I’m not exactly the guai/studious/hardworking/sweeeeet girl he thinks she is. LOL!

I’m sleep-deprived, oh the cockerel in the house behind me just crowed…surreal, first time I stayed up so late doing the mind-boggling NTU admissions online. What apply hall, matriculation number, change of email password, I’m so scared i’ll miss out smth. Oh n I just passed the deadline for applying for hall so i might not get a place…hur hur…need to ask around for roommates, maybe kaiwei….n angelina’s askin around for me too. Plus Alvin might be able to pull me into hall 6 the SPORTS hall but won’t it be too late. Yan Ran’s fren in Hall 8 for CHEERLEADING could help too but but but…. Oh n what about the mass comm camp in 7-11 July? OMG OMG OMG >.<!!! Shucks I totally heck-cared!!!!

ZZZZ…good morning…sweet dreams to me and pray my face doesn’t break out again…

I <3 Saturdays!
June 29, 2008, 3:13 am
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Went to SFA as usual for dance and wushu, practised from 10-6 almost non-stop, but I was happy =) I’m still a little unsteady in dance due to my knees but i get the FEEL alright. And in ji ti jian, I like the challenge of being part of the group and helping each other to reach greater heights. Xiao Dan lao shi (originally from DES) is a great asset and I’m so grateful she’s here to teach us! She’s a China coach and her grace speed and strength inspire me to achieve perfection in sword.

Skipped lunch to burn some kiddy music from De Li Ge’s laptop. He gave me quite a few lobangs: St Hilda’s hip-hop, Anchorgreen tambourine/creative movt and Park View ethnic fusion. Right now I also hold quite a few tuition jobs: 7 kids at Kembangan alone, and one who lives near me. I should earn around $2K for July (minus 5 days of Mass Comm camp). Yet it’s useless as I’m overspending!!! For example, I spent a whopping $470 during the Mango sale at the Parkway and Tampines Mall branch; at Aldo I easily spent a hundred. Online shopping and impulse buys here and there amount to a substantial amount too. I can’t help it! The discounts are 40-50% and I’ve been eyeing certain items for ages~ It’s time to clear my wardrobe, and recoup my losses =.=lll

What else…oh I bought these at the Suntec branch of Fat Face, both at 60% off!green. 
Metal leaf necklace $43.90 $16.90                               Shell bracelet $29.90 $12.90

Herman helped me pick =D and he was even more patient than Liu Xing xD LOL!  He’s The BGF (Best Guy Friend) Ever! It’s like what’s the point of accompanying someone to go shopping and saying that EVERYTHING’S nice? One’s gotta give an honest opinion about what’s hot…and what’s not…about you; it shows that one genuinely cares. One of my BFFs is Sophie, she wrote me a letter that kickstarted my efforts to change for the better, and I think a reply is looooong overdue… Sometimes, I marvel at how we go way back, and when I KNOW where she came from, it makes me understand her current position more.

What else…oh yeah thought quite a lot about the definition of love. I guess my ideal relationship would be with a guy who would change for me for the better, who wants to make our bond stronger little by little, and think I’m special enough to constantly encourage me and shower me with praise cuz I NEVER get tired of them and it is in fact the fuel for my drive to succeed. Looks do matter in the initial attraction, but who cares anyway? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and my love is always the most handsome! x)) Character is of utmost importance, I was so pleased when I showed DLG a photo of Kim and I, and he went ‘He looks like a decent guy.’ basically that’s his stamp of approval, cuz he’s seen all sorts.

A PHOTO. It holds fond memories (^.^)
of a roll in the grass, haha…

I’m pretty contented with my life now. BUUUT…my old bad habit of PROCRASTINATING is creeping baaack. Still got 2 GP essays to do for SOT’s Broader Perspectives mag and the NTU mass comm online procedure T.T Get it over and done with Jia Yi!!!

1mth anni
June 23, 2008, 12:57 am
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while waiting..                                         lookin’ sleepy xD

‘Don’t mess with the Zohan’ is such an inappropriate date movie. Nevertheless, crude (hip-thrusting) humour appreciated >D Accidentally dropped my phone in the cinema, that was when i realised how attached i am to this silver candybar N82, my planner, idea incubator and major zilian-ing device all rolled into one! Oh ya I gave kim that green plush turtle handphone accessory that crackles a static ‘I love you…i LOVE you!’ when you press its shell. Lol…cute right? 

Startin’ anew
June 21, 2008, 9:21 am
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After a long hiatus from my blog, I’ve finally returned to record my travails and torrid affairs. Where shall I start? Ok just a quick one on Friday night’s catching up with Jia Lin, my childhood friend. We caught a free screening of ‘Get Smart’ at Vivo GV and after that walked about at Zara and Pull & Bear. It’s funny how people change and yet stay the same after so long. From the days of marching around in class singing R-rated versions of pop songs and talking about crushes, we’re now critquing clothes and discussing future plans. Her Mr Bean-ish funniness (saying hello to random little girls xD) still shows though. Then I escorted her to the MRT station, where I BUMPED into my bf and his roly-poly buddy.

At Pull & Bear, one of my fav stores.. Should I buy this top?!

Yes I’m now newly attached after 6 months of grieving over my first break-up. Needless to say, we have our own issues, but what do people say? Make up sex, or make up making out in our case, was fireworks after lots of pent-up emo-ness. Yeah…the outdoor area of Vivo holds a special meaning to me now…as well as the cinema….and the last bus of 38. Tml shall be our first month anniversary, and truly, he’s the best damn thing that happened to me in a long while and I shall cherish every moment tgt, love him wholeheartedly, while it lasts of course..everything is impermanent…so be happy while you can =)

(to be continued..)

Did you realise that I didn’t mention about him at all in the previous posts? Haha that’s cuz when I’m truly happy I don’t really touch my blog. Even if there ARE happy posts in my blog, it’s more to convince myself that life doesn’t suck. okay…a short recap, I’ve met Heng Kim Peng aka kimchi aka MASTER WUGUI since december after adding him randomly on friendster, best decision I’ve ever made though I was worried at first that he’ll think I’m an ‘anyhow’ girl. Haha..maybe subconsciously I already liked him a bit =p and being the naturally friendly person that i am, decided to go out more often with him, no harm knowing a friend better right? *winks* but rly…he rawks as a fren n i wouldn’t have minded to continue being his friend if it means i can have him my whole life…  =) Love’s sweeter but turns sour more easily? =x HOPE NOT! *cross my fingers*