Thou greatest enemy is thyself

Family day
July 28, 2008, 12:45 am
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Sundayyy…family day…has changed to tuteee dayy…. Have arranged with the 3 siblings. When I start school, I’ll only tutor them on Sunday =) Added Math tuition for the youngest. Haha saw their K1 lower pri class photos today, Chin and Duo were thinner then!! Fatter is cuter though x)) And and and, I was so touched when Angie ladled a bowl of mince pork and fish porridge for me!

It’s even nicer than my mum’s cooking! Lol…just stating facts!

Then I took photo downstairs with Zo Ro and Dex. So sad la.. I ‘gave’ Rodex to Jeremy cuz he lives like one street away from them, sure hope he’s not just in for the moolah. I mean…i really wanna see both of them improve in Math!

Ro Zo and yours truly the coolest tuition teacher ever~

After that my mum maid sis and I went to East Coast Park and cycled for an hour, taking different routes LOL! Then went to Parkway where my sis and I went to eat at MOS Burger then I went to Watsons to buy Salon Pas stickers and Tiger Balm muscle rub.

Oh yes I forgot to update about OG outing, It was better than expected, tho my kitten heels killed me after standing in them throughout the screening of Hairspray. This reminded me about the last time I went to watch an outdoor movie at National Museum: The Three Nocturnes, an old school Chan Brothers movie musical starring Feng Fei Fei. Oh yes check out some pics of the illuminated National Museum.

The white outlines superimposed painstakingly by an Australian company.

The austere white abrubtly changed to this funky colour combi.

The mass comm seniors are really friendly, including Lyon, Xiao Ken, Cameron, Sara Jean, Sheema, Yiting, Cheryl and Yan Liang, Mel MIA =( and I was hoping to ask her more about joining hip-hop.. Feeling much happier now, as I have a wonderful emo cocky counterpart in Kenneth to learn from, though i realised that some people 先敬罗衣再敬人, must be wary of *ahem*. I realised too that one of the favourite pastimes of mass commers is boozing, which I would avoid as that’s breaking precepts. However, it’s a pity to miss out on the fun at seeing them drunk and act drunk myself xD

Oh ya… That’s S.A.M. from a distance, beautiful ain’t it =D


July 27, 2008, 1:05 am
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Today…saturday…always the day when i come to Foochow Assoc for dance and wushu. My senses are deadened. My joy is muted. My brain is turmoiled. Or it could just be me…pms-ing… instead of being pro-active in making life a lil better. Haha.

Wushu competition is drawing near, and because of the constant pushing myself to the max those past months of practice, and that freak accident involving me flying into Kenny’s armpit while doing xuan zi, the whole right side of my body is now in a sorry condition. Lol…from top to bottom: head, neck, back, shoulder joint, wrist, waist, knee and ankle, with the exception of my toe. My LEFT little toenail got ripped off, now it’s re-attached by a congealed mass of blood. Put on a plaster to hide the gruesome sight.

Thankfully, it’s nothing a superb bowl of fish soup downstairs and nice company can’t solve! HAHAHA! Ok…Ruo Dan, Li Ling, Kai Ling, Samartha, Angelina and I had lunch, and Sam was sharing her aggravating account of some irritating NIE freshies who is whining and sniping at the organisers’ efforts. Totally immature, he’ll never make it in a real school if he doesn’t learn how to get along with current classmates (aka future colleagues) and suck up to their seniors (aka potential HOD or Principal). What happened to the old adage of ‘putting yourself in another’s shoes’? Do you think you could handle welfare, logistics, games, admin and miscellaneous as competently as your seniors? Show a little respect!!! And it’s no longer enough for a teacher to teach, you are expected to organise events and create a positive public image. A little fact gleaned by CCHMS former discipline master Mr Soon: Schools are now run like corporations, competition is cut-throat. You can’t attract students? Expect to get less funding and die off eventually. *sombre silence* (Mr Soon always has that effect, damn pro he was.)

Oh yes, Angelina commented on my face, it’s getting worse cuz of the late nights, stress over uni preparations and PMS. Maybe I’ll go for facial tomorrow after giving tuition. Plan plan: Morning jog 8-9, tuition 10-4.30, facial set appointment at 6.30? Enough time to go home, shower, eat dinner, go online. I used to have such low self-esteem over my face, but now I won’t worry so much. If I take care of what’s inside, the outside will improve naturally =) I’m optimistic.

After that I headed to Bugis, Waterloo Street specifically, for tie da, Brendan’s Uncle specifically. He works miracles seriously. Last year I also looked for him for my knees and sprained wrist. Ok back to my back. He started by slathering on oil and gliding a suction cup along my back, enough to make me squeal as the muscles were so tensed up. The he planted a few more of those ‘suckers’ at strategic points and adjusted them accordingly. I couldn’t really remember the order after that but he did those twists and cracks and kneading and heating. Damn shiok after the whole thing but now it’s a little sore cuz the healing process is takin place. Best of all, he only charged me $28.40!!! Medicated plaster FOC!! THANKS YONG TING, i mean BRENDAN lol… People look for DR TAY KOK MENG…he RAWKS!

Side note: I don’t get why people aren’t proud of their Chinese names. It’s so rich with meaning encapsulated in that 2 or 3 characters. Well that’s not saying English names are bad, it could be part of your upbringing (religion, family tradition, etc) or your metamorphosis into an adult (discovering your true self, creating a new identity, emulating an idol, etc.)

Ohwell…went home and slacked with my mum and sis, it’s a nice warm fuzzy feeling slacking with them. Heh. My goal is to treat them better, after all they deserve the best in me. Haha gotta learn from Kim in this area, The Filial Son/Tough-love Brother/Caring Boyfriend. I don’t know if I’m over-sensitive or what but it’s been EXACTLY a month since he last kissed me, as in kiss until I can swoon of happiness, the last time he ‘kissed’ (note inverted commas) me was a dry peck on the lips, just a brush, landed infinitely slowly and softly, and ONLY because I said I wanted to kiss him (Okay this is so pathetic I didn’t wanna put it down at first).  RARR! *sulks*  Yes I know lots of things are happening to him, really heartbreaking too and my heart breaks with him, but I want to share it with him because he is important to me! Why withdraw and just say ‘no mood’? =X Argh.. Yes I know I mentioned that I didn’t want the physical to define our relationship, but that doesn’t mean that the emotional and mental part should be neglected. And when even the physical is lost, then I might as well be a friend with the label of ‘Girlfriend’.. And if he always hangs out with his homies I’d rather be a homie really then I can really share his troubles, laugh at his idiotic antics and even enjoy a comfortable silence without expecting more… Ack…I’m getting all worked up again though I just replied his sms lightheartedly. Perhaps I should take a leaf out of Li Ling and Sophie. 1. Be cheerful and act cute (sophie) 2. DEH more and subtly hint that I want his affection (Li Ling) but both are so not my forte so 3. i’ll just give him space and time until he eventually misses me (Jia Yi).

One comment that struck me ‘Only a stupid guy would be sad over a girl’. If that’s your philosophy then…..i shall go and sleep and forget about it. No use mulling over it.

Ties that bind.. Fate that unravels..
July 25, 2008, 3:52 am
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The Bottom Line

Get people talking about their philosophies of life and love. Learn something.

In Detail

Today the universe will be sending a few unusual people into your life all day long. These folks will confuse and distract you, but most importantly they will ENTERTAIN you. Just get these people talking about their philosophies of life and love, and you’ll be enthralled by what they say. They don’t think like you, they don’t look like you, and they most certainly don’t act like you. That’s why you can learn so much from them. Expect at least one of your long-held beliefs to change.


Okayy…let’s see my plans for tml, NTU pass photo, tuition the Duo Chin Zoelle from 4-7.30pm, rush to Kembangan stn to meet Kenneth then take a train to Bugis for Fusilli outing.

The past weeks have been a series of ups and downs. Last last Friday, I went to West Mall to perform Korean dance, we had to pretend to be Koreans and keep our mouth shut at all times; ‘Black Forest’ and her devious antics. I also joined in the Chinese Dance and Modern Dance last Sunday. Damn last minute, choreo and practice on Sat, perform on Sunday. Haha strangely my stage fright subsided onstage; I was practically blind without specs so I couldn’t see the audience, only the flash of ji ko peks snapping pics of our cleavage. (-_-“)

This got me thinking……………………………………..wait I’m still processing……………………………oh ya how it’s not enough to do what I love and give my best. The fluid confidence and dazzling smiles, is drained when I get off the stage. it’s always the people that matter. And i feel so disconnected from the group now…hanging by a thread which was woven by 5 years of BEING there. Sigh~ I’m tired. Its like 3.52am now.

Just finished chatting with Kenneth, my CS senior. Aiya……….WHATEVER LA!

July 22, 2008, 11:52 pm
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The Bottom Line

Take another look at your problems — they’re nowhere near as big as you thought.

In Detail

You have the wonderful gift of fresh perspective, today, so take another look at the problems you’ve been having in your life, lately. Chances are, they will look nowhere near as gigantic as they looked yesterday. In fact, most of them are fairly simple to solve — and one of them you can outright give to someone else to deal with. Go on — they won’t mind taking something off of your plate. They’ll love the opportunity to help you and show you how organized they can be.


Had training in individual items today. Made good progress both in my sword routine and my closeness with the other wushu ppl =) Sophie gave me some advice on the way home, shall apply it at the next opoprtunity. I say “ la..”

人无所求 品质高
July 14, 2008, 3:07 am
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Lime bacardi breezer, it’s THE drink to drown my woes. Except this time I poured out to my papa and got this series of sagely advice: Learn to be steady and stand tall. Don’t give a damn about what others think about you. Retreat to a corner and read (favourite pastime!) when things become unbearable. As a last resort, be Ah Q and silently beam *$*&%#!’ to those B&Bs out there. Constantly discipline yourself to do the ‘right’ thing and not spiral uncontrollably into a sea of addictions.

Today I pretended to be Korean and performed at West Mall! Suzy (aka Black Forest) is such a two-face! De Li Ge and Yun-jie has some life experience of their own too. I must must learn from them in dealing with people. They’re pro, seriously. Now that Xing (NP mass comm) and I (NTU mass comm) are in the same boat, we need to plug that hole in our social skills to prevent the situation from sinknig any further.

 Me, xing, soph, wr

Another fail-safe way to buoy my spirits would be of course to see Kim, and for him to ground me to the simple pleasures of life and lighten up =) Ahhh I love him. Missed him soooo much, but apparently lotsa things are happening to him. SO…i’ll just stay quietly by his side and make him feel better.

Well…good night and good luck girl!

Too many thoughts crowding my mind. SHOO!
July 6, 2008, 11:13 pm
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Last night, I had such a pointless conversation. Why talk when the reply is always ‘Nothing’, ‘I dunno?’ or ‘Whaaaat…’ right? Lol..just to hear that voice!! Well today I was asked out to lunch by this Shanghai passenger I helped out during my Airport Guide stint. Quite unexpected, but I eventually agreed as he was adamant about repaying my kindness. Well we went to Paragon’s Fish & Co. and made small talk about school and shopping, he’s about 30 and working in Philips. Alas he’s just a common engineer or I would have requested for sponsorship for Project First Chance.

Then I went to TM to buy a birthday present for my sis! Settled on a gigantic ultra-huggable butterfly cushion from Happy House. Kim came to meet me after his soccer match and lunch with his buddies. Our date started out all wrong, conversation was so stilted, almost like strangers. Just when I thought that both of us were better off heading home to have an afternoon nap, he suggested we watch a movie, so we caught Wanted starring the very hot Angelina Jolie as an assasin teaching the ropes to the loser-guy-finding-his true-destiny. It’s fuckin’ brilliant. The whole message was about taking control of your life even if life’s fucked up and ppl around you should go fuck themselves. Yup, that just about summarises Wanted.

Darling walked me home, then couldn’t find his way out of the maze of jalans. Next time i shall politely decline even if he insists on escorting =p Well we had a little windfall, I called home and realised that I must rush to Orchard sooooo…….we had much more time tgt!! Whee~ As much as physical intimacy is important. it shouldn’t define the whole relationship, and I’m glad for that =)

MASS COMM CAMP MON-FRI!! Shit will miss tuition jobs, dance jobs, tue meeting at the zoo, etc. Haha gonna lompang Kai Wei to NTU, reminds me of the good ‘ol days in Chung Cheng! Wait not so great, there was a certain someone else on the car to..

What I do doesn’t define who I am, what I am defines what I do
July 3, 2008, 1:17 am
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Project First Chance. SFA, addiction to shopping