Thou greatest enemy is thyself

Body clock is SCREWED
May 29, 2007, 6:05 pm
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I love late nights. Late night bball. Late night Mac’s outing. Late night cockroaches. Late night shrieking. Late night ghost stories. Late night climbing into tj. Late night Dai Di (King King Queen Queen K Q Q Q K ASSHOLE commoner xD) Late night Risk. Late night bedroom confessions. Late night supper. Late night snacks. Late night expedtitions on foot. Late night SMS marathons. Late night showers. Late night onlining. Late night art. Late night emo-ing. Late night laughs.


Life’s back on track
May 21, 2007, 12:08 pm
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Hmm..I’ve been EMO for a long loooong time. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! xD Surprisingly, the little things around me are giving me the greatest happiness. My mum complimenting on my good taste in the clothes and jewellery I bought online. Seeing a mum with a gaggle of kids on bus 12, one burbling, one snoozing, one carrying plastic bag, one lookin out of the window, they really are adorable. =) And seeing the Casa Merah cranes silhouetted against the sunset, beautiful. Tramping up and down the hills and cutting through the park on the way, drinking in the greenery and cosy homey scenery.

Another source of excitement is the adrenaline. TJC soooo rawks. Volleyball guys won 3rd! And I screamed myself hoarse cheering for them. Badminton Girls won VJ in the semi-finals n will face off with RJ! So no school on THURSDAY! Wooots~ go support them at tpy stadium. TKD bagged 30 out of 32 golds! And Wushu…well wushu…ok lor =P The arts ppl were excellent toooo! Dance, band, choir GOLD! CO and guitar Gold with HONOURS! And bought tickets for ALL their performances except CO, cuz it clashed with Band.

It’s really great to have friends in other classes. For eg the 29/07 girls, for choir (at ACS Barker) and band (at Victoria Concert Hall) concert, I went along with Yanning Angelina YuanJing Anh Cheryl Karen Christine PeiZhi. Had a heluva good time watching the exciting song and dance (Choir-Wizard of Oz, Band-Cinderella). After The band concert, Limin and I went to wander one big round, saying hi to the guys at Mac’s, eating double fried India rojak, and sipping Belgian chocolate and savouring carrot cake at Coffee Bean. Then we climbed down the never ending stairs to Clarke Quay MRT. It was freaky. But that’s not the freakiest.

My fetishtic friend found a bored gal to satisfy him. Hmmm. Well.