Thou greatest enemy is thyself

The whole truth and nothing but the truth
June 23, 2009, 1:38 am
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Am so proud of my dear dear. Even when faced with a Channel 8 worthy drama and a certain resigned fate, he did what was best for (not the donuts-and-coffee joint).

Match made in hell, evidently.

And in the meantime, I’ll continue to adore (and sometimes agitate =p) my short, rosy-cheeked and handsome Prince Charming.


Haha editing this post again, as I haven’t updated for zonks. Erm lemme think… *twirls hair bimbotically* oh I rebonded my hair at Snip Avenue (beside the old NTUC at toa payoh central) for only 50 bucks! Lester’s cousin Vincent did it for me, he’s only a year older than me but he’s been a teacher at Jean Yip, done hair and make-up for Mediacorp celebrities and snagged a talented singer gf (she sang the 插曲 for Little Nyonya) while at it. Then he just HAD to tell me that all rebonding products, regardless of the brand, are made of horse pee. Yup, that pungent ammonia smell has equine origins – I SO DID NOT NEED TO KNOW THAT. The results were admittedly quite good though; the Korean chemicals made my hair so silky soft, better than the first mediocre job which cost over a hundred. Thank you Korean horseys.

What else….OH! Yes got to know quite a few of my colleagues like Jia Hua and Denis, both of whom granted me and Li Ling free rides after our dinner at Suntec’s Aston’s. Apparently JH is in Raffles Hall too, he immediately recognised Ling *AWW~*. I assumed Denis would catch Ling’s fancy as they look kind of similar, cute with smooth, fair QQ cheeks. But no…not her type, he’s more of an artsy kind of guy who digs good reads, and – dare I say – my type? LOL! Pity I’m happily blissfully and irrevocably attached xD (Plus I’m guessin D smokes..therefore, not my type.)

Oh yeah, why was Li Ling in Suntec you may ask. We had to do the SEFFY (that’s short for Social Entrepreneurship Fair and Forum for Youth, i think) write-up for the booklet and webbie. Urgh! Heap loads more difficult than I thought to think of the write terms and craft a concise and accurate sentences. Should just rip off what Tomithy wrote? After all he did devour his research and digested it to form his OWN definition.

Speaking of which, Tomithy just came back from a three week SE expedition cum sightseeing trip to London. Ivan (Lester’s younger bro, it’s such a small world, SERIOUSLY!) and two other girls went too. Aaaanyway I asked Ivan to help me buy a small tote from Harrod’s, preferably something with dogs or cats such that my animal-crazy sis could use it too. But Lester had other ideas, and presented a chic black patent tote with white cut-outs of flowers. ARGH! So my style….i love you darling muah muah x infinity!!! As if I wasn’t happy enough he pulled out a cream-coloured Harrod’s teddy bear out from the bag with a flourish. I was absolutely amazed (reminds me of the pulling-rabbit-out-of-hat trick) as it was utterly unexpected.
=’) x)


Elation and consternation
June 9, 2009, 1:27 am
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OK so I’ve just knocked together a skeleton of a schedule with Lester for our Bangkok trip later today. Needless to say, I’m damn excited!!! I had fun packing the different outfits and umm…toiletries. *Coughs* massage oil.

Oh by the way, let me share the good news: I passed my Basic Theory Test, took 2o/50min. The guy on my left finished in 15min, didn’t bother to check and passed. It stressed me out laaa…but I suspect he’s a repeat. The failure rate is 50% so whew~ don’t need to waste money :B

After that I had a brief dinner with Darling at TPY and chionged down to Chinatown to see Deli Ge and Co. The lao shi ji ppl were takin hip-hop learned from a video, respect man! But I was mainly there to support the Jazz Gold Star dancers: Fen, Adam and Sophie. I can say that Sophie improved a lot and that teachers not necessarily have good memories =p

Thinking back, I didn’t regret my decision to have a hiatus from the troupe, but keeping in contact wise, there is a slight tinge of ‘if only I had spent more time visiting them’. Crossing my fingers that dance will be on other days when lao shi moves to Tanjong Pagar CC, cuz Shanna’s more or less fixed on Sat mornings and I’ve DE after that.

Heard some advice that I already knew from someone who really knows what’s it like. Most dance groups tend to be quite clannish, and discourage their members from joining another for fear that they’ll defect over. But unfortunately, one has to gain more exposure elsewhere to improve. The secret to still belonging without being physically there is to divide your time well (whether it’s attending the occasional practice, calling up to show concern or turning up for special events). The problem is, lao shi is an all or nothing kind of guy, and I feel that a better way to keep us would actually be to let go and trust us to come back again. I’m just not sure if the effort’s worth it.

OK i’ve decided not to bring my beloved Macbook over to Bangkok, so updates again when I’m back! And I promise to buy souvenirs for everyone! Even Liling cuz you’ll be back when I’m back yay!