Thou greatest enemy is thyself

November 20, 2008, 11:20 am
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songs to search for: return to innocence.

ludus + mania = (@.@)

pragma + mania = (~.~)

agape + mania = (^.^)


I am darn lucky to constantly meet people who help me puts things in perspective. A recent acquaintance awed me with her independence and cheerfulness despite losing her parents and having to bring up her brothers at the tender age of 22. This is the first time I’m acutely aware of how precious it is to have a whole family, no matter how dysfunctional it is.

After this sem, some deep reflection and major planning is needed. How I approach uni studies is way too flippant, again the chorus of ‘You’re lucky to be in uni’ swells around me. DANCE (who what when where why?), WORK (how? I’m spending way too much and still so dependent on pocket money.. *sighs*), STUDIES (one should do more than the syllabus dictates)!!

Immediate schedule after exams would be dance rehearsals leading to DANCESCAPE!, dance camp, SBMY camp (14th-17th dec, I sure hope it won’t clash, I really want to revive my faith again), jogging to tone up for dance and more food outings 😀 yay.