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WUSHU intersch: Day 1
April 9, 2007, 2:32 pm
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My life must have been shortened by a few years.

First I paid Li Min $202 for a ‘King Lear’ ticket.
Then I lost my wallet with $70+ in it, but found it again at the GO.
Mental Note to Self: Thank some girl from 22/07

Next we went to Manjusri Sec for Wushu Intersch.
Saw lots of familiar faces, with UN-familiar expressions. (read: serious)
Stressss~ I had this idiotic smile plastered on my face..screaming now and then.

Stared at Zhi Peng lao shi for sooo long before I remembered his name =.=”
Then spotted Kenny opposite with his new girl Yu Ying.
Yao Wu, ‘ballroom dancer’ with cute butt, grr..jealous.
Some guys from TPY cc
Yumi, lithe and pretty, total head-turner.
Joyce, Jie Ru and the other China gal.
Alex, Mayer who owned Nan Quan.
Songyan =) 2nd in A div!!!
That vain guy perched on the table beside us.
Daryl who freaked me out.
OH most importantly Limin and Bertha who let me alternate b/t their shoulders.

*yawn* zzz


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