Thou greatest enemy is thyself

Friendster ftw.
November 26, 2009, 4:31 pm
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Visit friendster to reminisce over New York pics, (oh man must upload them into FB one day!) and clicked the horoscope like I used to do many years ago. It’s still damn accurate.

The Bottom Line

Every statement isn’t fraught with meaning. So stop poring over every word.
(Mental masturbation at its finest, I’m a master at it so…CUT IT OUT!)

In Detail

If you can’t do it yourself, maybe you shouldn’t attempt to do it at all. Support may be forthcoming, but it’s on someone else’s schedule. In the hours that it takes to wait and explain, you could probably handle matters on your own. Organization is the key to your success. Making sure everything is in its place before you start will save endless time in the long run. Proving this to yourself now is money in the bank for next time.

(I can’t pretend that I can just be a friend, so stop bothering miscellaneous people for advice. Things are just fine and I can take care of myself now thankyouverymuch. And yeah how I handle the exams NOW…will go a loooong way. *Series of small decisions starts now*)


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