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Spontaneous combustion.
November 10, 2009, 6:42 pm
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Burnt out designing the LP87 shirt. After our first weekend, I immediately buckled down to brainstorm. To no avail. It took me till 5am and after many long aimless conversations with Bill and a few other night owls to suddenly get the Eureka moment! Considered the star-wings-halo combo but it just looked too kiddy, then I went with Fadz’ suggestion of stripes on the sleeove like on Audrey’s shirt. Then a brainwave took over. I extended the design into the knots of the wings and placed the star beside it. It looked damn tribal and tough and represented the Eaglets! That halo was a feminine nurturing touch, us being the Angelwings who were soaring watchfully above. The star of course represented the All-stars who shone so brightly and are ubiquitous in LP87 =)


It was nice talking to Bill. I aspire to his lifestyle, or rather I’ve already reached it. He’s achieved so much in his career since his LP donkey years ago. He’s living comfortably in his bachelor pad in Bangkok and shuttles back and forth regularly to Singapore. He’s retiring by 45 I think from the returns of his work in private equity. It’s cool bringing together prospective investors and start-ups together and watching things burgeon. Not all do, but the rewards are handsome. Haha he’s still as charming as ever, he likes Jessica Alba – i do too! Most importantly, he’s just cruising along and looking out for Ms Right, and that’s what I intend to do, to be utterly comfortable in my own skin and lead a fulfilling and meaningful lifestyle.

Anyway…this project again showed me my key flaws in teamwork. I again see the urgent need to be open for support when I need it, not be so perfectionist and as a result keeping people waiting or excluding people from the process. The fruits of our labour are more enjoyable when shared! Personal vision should not compromise the team’s alignment and at the very least I could LET THEM KNOW! Inform them of where’s my progress and when I need to rest.

Anyway had a great time with Kym at Orchard that day, had lunch at Paragon Soup Spoon and then went to Ion to find her dive friend James, who’s also a store manager of this upmarket brand called Pois and a t-shirt printer. Haha he helped me polish the lines using his software and here’s the result!

Angel Wings 1my future tattooAngel Wings 3yellow drifit polo

OK time to start mugging. Finally. Oh by the way that ADM essay I did after the wake of the break-up…i got 78.5/100 for it! Not bad considering it took only 3 solid days of researching and writing, the 1 day of reeling from the aftermath didn’t affect my grades at all! And now, I have a friend who admires my writing and who can mug adm240 with me as well. If only Henry wasn’t so busy with his animation stuff. ARGHHHH panic!!!


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