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Yesterday Once More…
October 27, 2009, 3:52 pm
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What a streeeetch! After Malay class, I went to meet Lester for lunch. Cheeky monkey, asked me if it was about Asiaworks and agreed to go eat lunch at Can A. Lyanna passed me my laptop and was so surprised. We’re gonna mug together for Malay to prepare for CA next wednesday. ARGH.

I was very nervous at first but when I turned and saw him sitting there, I was genuinely happy. He looked more tanned and healthy, only a hint of dark eye rings. Settled down and he bought mac’s for us, insisted on treating and got two (free) cups of water for me. He commented that I looked tired and thin, and my eyebags (EYEBAGS?!) were showing. No surprise seeing my lack of sleep and energy I poured out during Advanced, plus I was having my period those 5 days. I’m exhausted but happy, and I know the happiness will well up naturally in me again when I connect with friends and give in any way I can. We could talk about mundane things again, he was very forthcoming and updated me with his life. Laughed a bit about the underwear and blogshop packages at his house. He gave me vincent’s new number and address. Stuff like that.

I only felt the happiness at the end of the day, because I created his new possibility, and it’s up to me to make it happen and continue – to have an open and trusting friendship with Lester again. He will meet new people, and so will I. I think the break-up really allowed me to open my eyes to the vast networks around me and to plug back in. I mean seriously! Just in CS today I talked to more than 10 people who went ‘EH never see you for such a long time!’ or just peple I’ve never talked to but struck up a conversation with. (Note to self: Wei Lie owes me BIG TIME. I hate him. Helped him find fen, a dance studio at Nanyang House and agreed to act in his short film and he just couldn’t spare 2 hours on Thursday evening to attend my guest event. SIAN. Oh wait, he offered to fetch me to the station. Maybe he isn’t that evil and narcissistic after all.)

The high point of my day was to watch Paloma Herrera and other principal dancers from top dance companies. My father treated me to a $123 seat in front, in the second half, 5 people in the row right in front of me disappeared and I had an even greater view! Suffice to say, I was blown away by their performance. Herrera herself appeared first in pristine white, and her movements were clean, sleek and precise, setting the standard for the night. Then a couple danced an excerpt from Giselle. The girl had solid technique and gravitas, but it was too heavy for my taste, the guy is not worth mentioning about. Next a Japanese couple came out, it’s so easy to tell, the uber fair girl and guy’s long wavy Gatsby hair. They had more flair but no musicality, the girl when half a beat earlier because of the fast pace and the guy seemed sloppy. The third couple performed my favourite item. Slow, langourous and sensuous, there were clad in soft drapey nude garments and showed the intimacy and natural moulding of the body. The lifts were SO creative and the transitions were seamless. And it was all  made possible by the girl’s strength, she was definitely on par with the guy and even provided momentum for him. Short dark and muscly, she really had that mo qi with her partner.

Next were the Swiss mountain peasants, so innocent and utterly lovable! The girl’s daintiness and coy ways were so endearing! And of course, hamsum boy ^^ so powerful and not even in his prime. His leg muscles were very developed but not his abs, could see him wobble everytime he landed. I must train my core muscles too. Just look at Herrera, she used it to draw herself up enpointe and hold it there for 5 seconds!

Next was the black tango. the guy was very theatrical, paloma was a little plainer. There was not enough spice, she probably don’t have depth of experience and emotion. But spinning around in heels is no mean feat!

In the 2nd half, the Japanese minx had this smug ‘Look how clever I am’ look. She was just showing off her skill and not giving her all and seducing the men to death. The guy’s lankiness and freedom of movement matched the girls neurotic jerky movements. (to be continued)


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