Thou greatest enemy is thyself

sunny sunday
October 18, 2009, 4:48 pm
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Anyone reading this blog, please go try the Seremban beef noodles at Marine Parade hawker centre, it’s the second shop from the corner nearest to McDonald’s! The lady who takes the orders is damn cartoon!!! First she starts dancing with her handphone stuck in her hair ( gotta see it to believe it), then she snatches the 50 dollar note from Louis’ hand while he was taking utensils, then she stalks and laughs hysterically at a man with a pineapple for a head. Haha sure cheered me up and chased away the emoness through sheer ridiculousness!

Now I’m typing the essay plan for Waltz with Bashir (at last!) in Liu Xing’s room, where there is a constant cool breeze and gentle sunlight filtering in through her lace curtains =) and later…500 Days of Summer with Supei!!! Haha and at last, I didn’t succumb to my weakness and closed the window after typing the webbie halfway. GOOD =)


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