Thou greatest enemy is thyself

slowly, but surely
October 17, 2009, 1:23 pm
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i just wanted you to be honest to me, so that I knew if you truly loved me enough to oblige to my demands, rather than do it grudgingly. Then stand up to me if you love me, because that’s what happens when you truly want to last long. Let me know how you feel so that I may be aware and do something about it rather than keep things to yourself and seek happier times with her/them (and that’s being the most objective I can) and spring this nasty surprise on me.

I will open my eyes wider now. Emo…but I know i will not repeat the same mistake and be happier in my next relationship (with him or someone else? I will never know until either one appears.)

Hong Kong serials really teach a lot. I know now that he loves himself more than I do and therefore withdrew from our troubled relationship for his own happiness and peace of mind to prepare for exams. I should do the same: to love myself and make sure my actions benefit my future. I want to love him, but am I that magnanimous to forgive him and forgive myself and give ourselves another chance? For him to love me again wholeheartedly is too much to hope for. It’s just such a pain to wait in suspense , maybe I should just not wait and have fun with the friends who have resurfaced. If he comes back it’ll be the nicest surprise of my life. =)

Again…I need to remind myself not to be like That Girl. Haha just had a lazy Saturday lunch! 3.30pm is kind of late, but the family time we have together is priceless =)


*dappled lights, someone waiting just out of sight*
(so mi so, ti do so mi ti….ti la ti) 

Photo Credit: Kwan Yann Howe

Thank you, this shot reminded me of the good times when I was happy helping Lester and being there for him when he puked. x)


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