Thou greatest enemy is thyself

dream or reality?
October 16, 2009, 9:40 am
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Firstly, let me say, if you want to test how powerful the chilli is, wait till the next morning when you shit. OH MY GOSH, so painful!

I had such a surreal dream last night. I dreamt that Lester and I were walking up a slope towards a bus stop and I was asking if he would ever come back. He said a couple of things but one of it was ‘The door is closed already, let’s leave it that way.’ and that was when I realised he could be prepared to move on and maybe even meet other girls. I felt sad and at a loss when he boarded the bus, but calm nonetheless. I take that as a good sign that I’ll handle things well, come what may. And there’s this niggling thought in my mind, Lester really reminded me of Kim P, and that his heart is no longer in the relationship and he’s just prepared to throw away all the feelings and actions I’ve invested into the relationship. Good riddance! If you don’t cherish a great girl like me and let me go then NVM, I shall eventually find the guy who loves me 100% and put in the same if not more effort than me!

Just saw a quote by Emerson, one of the purposes of friendship is to prepare you for solitude. Indeed, I must learn to like myself and like to spend time on my own, and know that there are always friends out there who love me for who I am ^.^

*would you throw away everything we had? don’t you want to create something more beautiful?*


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