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October 16, 2009, 11:27 pm
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After meeting Yuntian at Esplanade library I went to the TJ art juniors’ exhibition. This batch has ten students, two of which did fashion installations in the Black Cube, the rest were in Scope, as usual. 

We. Were. Blown. Away.

Conceptually all of them were strong, and their prep boards were solid! However a few fell short in their final work. Not a problem though as long as it’s backed up by SOVA paper.

I was so inspired (and ashamed at the same time). True us art students tend to be procrastinators, but I think my resistance to following teachers’ instructions was my downfall. To redeem myself, I want to transform my bedroom wall! 

Right now it’s just a plain white wall,
longer than it is tall.
A passageway to my ‘enclave’,
all the way from the door.

(hahaha just realised that it rhymed, perhaps poems could be a theme)

It’ll take a long time to incubate. Though i had this initial pretty vision of it painted magenta with floral motifs, it’s too graphic and meaningless. I would like to inject my personality onto it and project my ideal self. In the meantime I would need motifs that would uplift me, not forgetting my ’emo’ side too because that is a source of my power.

And and…rather than an individual therapeutic activity, I’d like to involve the people who were and still are important to me. I will visit Mrs Neo and Mr Heng whom I never really connected with as much as I wanted, to consult them and properly accept their critique and suggestions. To my art seniors who are all wonderful and passionate people, they’ve helped me before but this time, not only do I want to engage their ‘exceptional artistic ability’ I also want to get to know them better. For too long I’ve felt a distance with them..that hierarchy..which doesn’t make sense. And the only one I was close to, Jingyi, is now happily slogging in Taiwan and I miss her so..

Cannot…must really keep my agreement and grow. No matter how painful it is, I have more to loss if I drift further away from art.


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