Thou greatest enemy is thyself

ayam penyet
October 15, 2009, 11:58 pm
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So random! and happy 😀 p and i finally met for dinner! and it’s at that new restaurant RIA at old jp. For $6 their signature dish was very filling, topped generously with fried bits, awesome chilli at the side, cabbage and cucumber to cool my burning mouth and a big bowl of rice. AHHHH… but it was our conversation that was the most satisfying.

P is such a dear and advised me to weigh things out, I shouldn’t let this cause me so much pain, it’s just not worth it especially if he doesn’t give a damn. Plus, always believe that when something is taken away, it’s for something better. And she is always optimistic about the person who would finally love her for who she is and be totally committed. But then again, she said if I still have feelings I should just go for it. Problem is, if it’s a one-sided thing that would be rather pointless. So if he comes back for me then we’ll continue for there, if he bochap…well then I will be too busy having a good time! Lol…


*be the best for myself, better things will come for sure*


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