Thou greatest enemy is thyself

August 11, 2008, 2:47 am
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The Bottom Line

Push things a little more in one of your relationships — it’s time to take a risk.

In Detail

You need to push things a little more in one of your relationships — you’ve been patient long enough, waiting for them to wake up to what is possible. And since they show little if any sign of doing so, it’s up to you to show them the light. So today, it’s time for you to take a little risk. Be vulnerable and open about your feelings, but be careful not to put forth any demands. Pressure is not a good element to add to this equation. All you have to do is talk.


When I look at Cass and her ‘special friend’, a recruit in NS, Liu XIng and her Mark in Civil Defence, I can’t help but wonder how is it they can make time for each other and provide regular updates of their lives. Do I have the audacity to hope?

为什么要紧张一个不紧张我的人?那么痛苦,干嘛?他在忙他的我就忙我的。我已经非常宽容了,可是真的无法接受两个星期没约会的笑话。在我最需要你的关怀时,你连一通电话都没打来; 正当我渐渐独立时,又来些无聊的短讯让我重新想起你。

男人就是这样,你越想要亲近他,他就越不珍惜你。我再也不想主动了,到头来吃亏的是自己。还是多向你学习,还有很多等着我去关心呢。 不重视这段感情就算了,我不想贬低自己去乞求一个根本不重视我的人,太不象话了!



Sorry no cure. If you’re a man, DO something…

Would you find me and hug me and not let go even if i’m punching you as payback?

If you won’t, fuck off.

Oops…relac laaa, so angry for what?

Lol…stupid girl…


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