Thou greatest enemy is thyself

More of uni life
August 8, 2008, 12:43 am
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I love the Biz Law police-turned-lawyer-turned-lecturer Koh Peng Kwee. He was sooooooo funny that we all peng from laughing xD Another powerhouse lecturer was a female Australian angmoh who lectured on Media 21, Singapore’s grand scheme to grow our arts scene through financing local films. Cool right…pity the only prolific directors are Eric Khoo, Jack Neo and most recently, Royston Tan.

Today at COM201 we had to invent our own communication model and present it to the whole cohort. My group did one based on the recent furore over Dawn Yang’s defamation suit to Xia Xue. and threw in some bio analogy about ‘partially permeable membranes’ and ‘osmosis’. Kinda cool…but the skit was nerve-wracking; I didn’t even pause long enough for the audience to laugh! =P Met some new people during the discussion like Avril and Yamuna, whose poetic Buddhist name stuck with me since orientation camp Animal Sound game. (We were both chickens!)

Then Cassandra brought me to meet her BS (Buddhist Society. What were you thinking?!)  friends Hui Ying and Yao Tang a senior. They were damn lively ppl, studying Chinese, so we conversed mainly in Mandarin. Yao Tang treated me to Chendol!!! Must-try from Hall 5! They use gula melaka and coconut milk, couldn’t be more authentic than that! Plus the fillings are filling lol…grass jelly cubes (instead of the normal plastic-like jelly), green worms and red bean. Jia Yi is a happy girl =DD Plus he’s gonna intro me to NTU wushu Training I/C. Ok must treat him back, but Cass told me to exploit his kindness.. MWAHAHA >D


Wonderful end to the day, though..I am confused now. Hmm..since it’s already like that, perhaps it’s a signal I should get prepped for real work too. Snap out of the holiday mood girl! You might have bitten off more than you can chew, so make sure you can cope with the workload this sem in addition to EOY dance perf practices.


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