Thou greatest enemy is thyself

Family day
July 28, 2008, 12:45 am
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Sundayyy…family day…has changed to tuteee dayy…. Have arranged with the 3 siblings. When I start school, I’ll only tutor them on Sunday =) Added Math tuition for the youngest. Haha saw their K1 lower pri class photos today, Chin and Duo were thinner then!! Fatter is cuter though x)) And and and, I was so touched when Angie ladled a bowl of mince pork and fish porridge for me!

It’s even nicer than my mum’s cooking! Lol…just stating facts!

Then I took photo downstairs with Zo Ro and Dex. So sad la.. I ‘gave’ Rodex to Jeremy cuz he lives like one street away from them, sure hope he’s not just in for the moolah. I mean…i really wanna see both of them improve in Math!

Ro Zo and yours truly the coolest tuition teacher ever~

After that my mum maid sis and I went to East Coast Park and cycled for an hour, taking different routes LOL! Then went to Parkway where my sis and I went to eat at MOS Burger then I went to Watsons to buy Salon Pas stickers and Tiger Balm muscle rub.

Oh yes I forgot to update about OG outing, It was better than expected, tho my kitten heels killed me after standing in them throughout the screening of Hairspray. This reminded me about the last time I went to watch an outdoor movie at National Museum: The Three Nocturnes, an old school Chan Brothers movie musical starring Feng Fei Fei. Oh yes check out some pics of the illuminated National Museum.

The white outlines superimposed painstakingly by an Australian company.

The austere white abrubtly changed to this funky colour combi.

The mass comm seniors are really friendly, including Lyon, Xiao Ken, Cameron, Sara Jean, Sheema, Yiting, Cheryl and Yan Liang, Mel MIA =( and I was hoping to ask her more about joining hip-hop.. Feeling much happier now, as I have a wonderful emo cocky counterpart in Kenneth to learn from, though i realised that some people 先敬罗衣再敬人, must be wary of *ahem*. I realised too that one of the favourite pastimes of mass commers is boozing, which I would avoid as that’s breaking precepts. However, it’s a pity to miss out on the fun at seeing them drunk and act drunk myself xD

Oh ya… That’s S.A.M. from a distance, beautiful ain’t it =D


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