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Project First Chance so far~
June 30, 2008, 8:22 am
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Had a very very productive meeting today at Siglap Coffee Club! My dear art seniors very kindly agreed to help; Ting Xi would set up the PFC website while Ivan would provide all the graphics, and help design the ZOcards and posters for ‘Uprising’ our concert. Ate KFC with Li Ling and managed to compile a nice long list of tasks and we gotta meet tml to draw out a timeline cuz time is tight..  We were comparing shoes and apparently while we were both advocates of ‘CHEAP AND CHIC’ stuff, I always go for the more expensive brands as I trust that they’ll hold their appeal longer.

We went to Parkway Parade next, as we walked to the bus stop opp KFC, I asked her if my social skills have improved and if I have been not mindful and offended people without meaning to. Of course, she didn’t feel anything was amiss cuz she’s close to me but said that although I have quite a few close friends in SFA, they are not close to each other and so I should censor what I say in case bestie A doesn’t want bestie B ti know abt some stuff. That’s a valid point..but sometimes I do feel obligated to clarify some things so that others would empathise with rather than misunderstand my bestie. OK point taken anyway…haha gotta check timings for tml to watch Sex and the City!

A short add-on: had diarrhoea at Parkway, vomited when I reached each Tanah Merah cuz I felt carsick (or bus-sick) and vomited yet again in the night when I ate bao3 ji4 wan2 and a big cup of water. Felt much better and called my father, cuz he he always took care of me when I had high fever, flu, whatever, he was still out though =x then kim called, unexpectedly, and I felt so touched by his concern though half his mind was like on football lol =) His voice made me sleepy, NOT because it was boring but it was comforting and reminded of the nice warm cuddly being-cared-for feelings when I’m with him. Haiz I miss you…


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