Thou greatest enemy is thyself

Last Day as Airport Guide
April 28, 2008, 11:15 pm
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I decided to throw caution to the wind and skive to my heart’s content, despite the omnipresent threat of CAAS lackeys and to a lesser extent, Manfield supervisors. Just an hour into my 1st shift at B pier, Marcus was already skulking around wearing a brooding expression and wet gelled-up luohan hair. I was already emerging from a satisfying shit at the toilet, so he directed his displeasure at the MIA Kif, a couldn’t-care-less veteran slacker. Yvonne my T3 Airside IC was extra vindictive as well. When I asked for a ‘breakfast’ break, she happily shared the recent news of a 3rd shift girl who was terminated after receiving her 3rd warning letter, which means, no pay. Well what a good thing I waited for an hour more, Michael who looks deceptively harmless but is the most vicious CAAS guy ever, drifted past almost without detection! At 9plus Sze Ming and I escaped to T1, we took the long route skytrain A to F, walk to E, take skytrain to D, ONLY to find that Yong Sheng Abi and Julizan received a call from the office to return to their post, THEN Hazzely had to come, he’s so nice, actually escorted SM and I to C then B, we talked about the crazy bday bash they threw for Fariza and SM, and uni admission. *screams*  The drama awaiting was unbelievable, Chin Wei the sarcastic evil CAAS lackey had observed out empty booth for 25 minutes and sent an ultimatum to Manfield, thankfully Hazzely received the call and neutralized the aftermath.

 I felt that somehow I had alienated from the group, Kat Connie and Julizan definitely, SM and Abi still okay. Zul and Zai okay as well. New ppl like the poly four and the JC four never got to know them better, I don’t know………it’s a recurring thing whenever I meet new groups of people, sigh~ Hmm…this prepares me for work I guess, people will inevitably talk behind each others’ back, it’s just AMAZING how tongues will wag in the opposite direction so easily. Well I’m guilty of doing that too, but I shall whistle to a different tune. What goes around comes around, I shall avoid bitching.

Continued to 2nd shift, which passed by in a haze of tiredness and dry blurry eyes, then we met up at T3 Coffee Club for meeting. I found that, XX was gaining the upperhand, probably because she needed to gain control of our hearts and minds and had to slip in a few cripplers to me during our discussion, me being too headstrong and critical. Well, I can deflect it still, but barely, I was hallucinating by then already.

You might be wondering why I’m still blogging?  Showers recharge me, must be the negative ions generated by the falling water. LOL…hmm going into random trivia is a sure sign of my need to shut off my brain. Good night, and good luck Miss Bipolar. 


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