Thou greatest enemy is thyself

April 27, 2008, 11:00 pm
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The Bottom Line

Give your problems another look, and you’ll see a silver lining in all the clouds.

In Detail

The conflicts or challenges that are going on in your life right now may be making it tough for you to stay smiling all day long, but are they really all that bad? Give them another look, and you just might see a silver lining in all those clouds. Be open-minded about the fact that things happen for a reason — and you will know what the reason is soon enough. Good friends offer words of encouragement that can help put things in perspective and keep you chugging along.

Conflicts: With my Mum, with Mr Tickles

Challenges: Resuming dance, juggling SBM and our YFC Project First Chance.

Jazz with Veron lasted 2 hours, now both my knees have baluku and twinge alarmingly even while walking, but nvm, i need to stop the jiggling in my thighs, and SOON! We’re having Gold Medal exams after a mere 10 sessions and guess what, we need to wear leotards and tights! ARRRGGGGGHHHHH….NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Total cost: $200 (class) + $130 (exam) + $70 (outfit) = $400!!! I need to make sure that my body’s in tip-top condition and my joints well-oiled to maximize the benefits of each lesson, plus visualise the exercises every night. Lao shi said that the core is important, so I’m gonna do plank, sit-ups, and push-ups to strengthen my scrawny arms. Peer pressure will do the trick, Soph Ling Xing and Yan Ran are taking the same level too. We made quick progress, half the basic curriculum done, with only 4 exercises to go and 2 dances to choreograph *GULP….pulls at collar * 

I realized that dance rly does wonders in elevating my mood, and I was actually civil to my mum and helped her with all the grocery shopping and errands. Hmm…I SHOULD just shut up and let my actions do the talking.

As for Mr Tickles, bad kamma ripening i guess, and the conditions are just not right. Most importantly I need to counter my bad PMS vibes with equanimity. Easier said than done. The most direct course of action will be to forget everything, the happy memories even, for it gives me false hope and often leads to rash outbursts.


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