Thou greatest enemy is thyself

The beginning of a beautiful friendship?
April 7, 2008, 11:40 am
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The Bottom Line

To make a fresh start with someone, you must sort through deep feelings. Be honest.

In Detail

Making a fresh start with someone is proving to be much more challenging than you had initially thought it would be. Moving past grudges and hurt feelings is taking longer than you hoped, but the reward for your efforts will be larger than you expected. Resign yourself to the fact that it is going to take you time to dig through those deep feelings in order to move beyond them. This person deserves a second chance, and you need to do whatever you need to do in order to give it to them.


I still want to be friends with mr tickles. Our relationship was an unfortunate series of events, and what’s worse, he had back-up and I didn’t, haha. Well, it’s such a pity, I miss the conversations with him, the infuriating answers he gave, the laughter we shared, and his cool calm demeanour when i pour out my problems. I can only conclude, he’s better as a friend, so I wouldn’t expect much or invest heavily in emotions. As for bf, not unless he really wants me enough and put in more time and effort to show some love. I’m adamant that I would never love a person unreasonably and be be so stupid to pursue a person blindly.

Please…u stupid soft-hearted girl who sees only the good in ppl, don’t harbour any false illusions, what’s past past.


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hey seeing only the good in people is an inborn talent and skill lor

Comment by tingxi

ha thanks 🙂

Comment by jia yi

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