Thou greatest enemy is thyself

April 7, 2008, 1:16 am
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Sze Ying organized an ECP outing for the TJC Wushu ppl, eventually only she, li min, songyan, guan wen and I went. We were so convinced that alwin, wenqin and chen shao were coming but they gave lame last-minute excuses; our dear captain WAIYEOW’S reply took the cake: “I’m going for qing ming to sweep grave…” We suspect he’d rather hang out with Kelly. WHAT TH- zhong se qing you !! 

Rented bikes for $6 and cycled for 2 hours to SAF yacht club and back. Started out slow, chatting at leisure and not paying much attention, which resulted in my crash into sze ying when she braked without warning. Thanks to my quick reflexes, I hopped off mid-fall to safety but her bike pedal gouged my foot. SO SUAY =.= still i enjoyed the rest of the ride, especially the return journey when i raced back with syan, and stopped to watch the whiny F1 miniatures zoom around a makeshift track. My knees hurt (IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO), but i loved the aching muscles and adrenaline rush…reminded me of the duathlon which I got first for in the Fun category ^.^Y

Then we went to Parkway Parade for lunch as the queue at Ashton was horrendous. Spent $7.10 at MOS burger for the set, the unagi rice burger looked disappointing but tasted divine; only two small pieces of eel, but oh-so-warm and buttery and flavourful. Japanese food might be pricier and come in small servings, but the quality is worth it, and the portion just right. And Guan Wen was regaling us with tales of NS, and Syan was telling us about airport ghost stories and Sze Ying HAD to chip in as well….it’s rly rly rly enjoyable crapping with the Wushu ppl again =)) Then we went to play pool at Roxy Square $2 for 2hours. Won when partnered with Syan and Sze Ying but not with Limin. Awwww~ but after that I walked home with her to borrow a CD but she forgot her house keys so went to Marine Parade Library to read romance novels. She’s a connoisseur of this genre and recommended a few favourites. Somehow the earth-shattering sex just flits by and it’s the falling-in-love part that really moved me to tears, like how both parties are vulnerable but they keep their strong feelings secret because it exposes them to hurt. Well in their case they lived happily ever after and i gleaned a few tips. First it helps to be the whole package: looks, intelligence and character. Secondly, don’t give more than you’re willing to or it breeds resentment and misunderstandings. Thirdly always let the guy make the first move unless you’re sure that he will reciprocate.

Highlight of the day was DINNER at BLACK CANYON COFFEE!! With limin cuz she was still stuck outside. I’m gonna do a full food review soon x) and post the pics for today!


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