Thou greatest enemy is thyself

April 5, 2008, 2:10 am
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KNEES: inner ligaments strained for both knees, left tendon at the back of the knee pulled, right kneecap loose and umm..inflammation and swelling. hurray.. shit, i wanna dance, i wanna continue doing the things i love T.T” What a good thing i saw Dr Low Wye Mun, though the consulation fee was $80 and the medicine cost $34 =.=

SHOPAHOLIC: i’m addicted to fashion. i need to snap my atm card into two xD no…just start a livejournal account and sell all my old clothes YAYYYYY! Oh and my mum asked me to help sell her furla bags and coach pouches and she’ll split the profits 7:3. Not bad…but whatever, i’ll use the money to replenish my back account, woefully depleted due to the many shopping spress online.


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