Thou greatest enemy is thyself

March 19, 2008, 10:24 pm
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Lao shi got me another lobang at parkview pri, but i was assisting Fen for the first lesson only. Although he looks frail and fey and has that innocuous little-boy smile, i can feel his magnetism from his slightly sonorous voice. Turns out he’s that Mauritian guy who’s rumoured with Xiao Yun, whom I idolized ever since seeing him dance to Arirang. OMG..with that lean muscular half-bared torso and the long sleeve costume, he’s really as powerful as a bow released, the lines were so beautiful and fluid…ahhhhhh… N i unwittingly praised him (‘i think he’s a GREAT dancer!’) before finding out that it was HIM. Jerrine tao-ed me, with that downturned pekingese face, and maggie was exuding warmth and all, just not to me. (*cough* fen) Shucks I should’ve stayed for lunch at the canteen, i stupidly replied, ‘It’s a bit early isn’t it?’ when he asked me if i wanted to join him. But…nvm =) from now on, he IS my goal, to improve my dance so that I’m fit to be his partner, not that i ever can of course but…nvm =)

First step: BUTT REDUCTION! oh yeah and i knocked my head against de li ge’s bionic knee during training, was crying even when the pain subsided cuz i felt as if my eyeballs and brain were floating, and a dull thudding behind my brow, and i was worried that i would lose my natural flair for coordination, which I’ve always taken for granted. Blah blah…worry less, SLEEP MORE, lol…


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wah girl! u finally updated! (:

Comment by wei2

yalor! d:

Comment by jing2

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