Thou greatest enemy is thyself

Practical ways to avoid conflict
March 3, 2008, 7:55 am
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1. Use the free computer terminal in the transit area.

2. Agree to my mum’s curfew, but don’t tell her my schedule for the day.

3. Earn more money to be independent from my parents in that aspect at least.

 4. Study what I like, and put on a good show that i have reviewed all the GD UNI

5. Always try to think up some progress to report to my father.
    (build HP to withstand the next eruption)

My mum is affected? She’s tossing and turning and reflecting on WHAT has caused my disrespect for her? NAH..she’s just concocting her next step. First doing this subdued and little outburst to show her restraint, then looking all innocent and beatific in front of my father while she comments snarkily to me in the privacy of the office. It sickens me.


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