Thou greatest enemy is thyself

March 3, 2008, 8:09 am
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Zul is gonna vie for an internship at CHOICES, a lifestyle mag by showcasing his blog. I thought of doing the same, but with all this shyt happening in my life, it’s a wonder they don’t station dog-catchers (read: rabid) outside the building if I go for an interview.

How vey convenient that this outburst comes just 4 days before A level results come out. DIE daughter! I wish I never gave birth to you! BEAST! Haha this is an exerpt of some things that she throws at me. It;s easy to deflect these extreme statements, but it is the insiduous category like ‘ I know you’ll NEVER be so-and-so which is some desirable trait’, ‘You ALWAYS do (insert delinquent behaviour)’. Seiously I hate it that she frames it this way. Doesn’t she know that her negativity will only stoke  rebellion. Except I won’t be all fire and brimstone, play it icy to her, I have never had a cold war. This would be it.


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