Thou greatest enemy is thyself

February 25, 2008, 1:32 pm
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It’s been AAAAGES since i updated. Let’s start from ytd ya? I went to the AIRSHOW with Le Le and Val, the crowds and stifling heat almost made me faint half the time, but the stunning aerial display(Aussie Roulettes and RSAF Black Knights!!) was worth the suffering and many insufferable gits who’re unfortunately singaporean. Let’s elaborate on the latter…the queues at pasir ris mrt there were quite awe-inspiring, hordes of docile lambs passing through the gates. The this joker had to say it’s alright just cut queue. Isn’t he scared of the people morphing into a herd of rampaging rams?! Then we have the usual suspects: complain king/queens, litterbugs, freebie groupies. All these I witnessed firsthand and in horrifyingly close-up detail.

Then I went for steamboat at lao shi’s studio in trengganu street. Felt damn weird and out-of-place at first but quickly warmed up. Highlights of the nhight included: 3 consecutive wins in mahjong (I’ve got beginner’s luck u don’t hermy!!), the fooooood (xl makes nice pepper chicken wings), and the ppl (what else, all those gui ren who helped me in mahjong like samartha and wei ren, and kenny who helped me in ban lak thank u all =’))

 On sat I went for ntu admissions talk at suntec convention centre. Went with a heavy heart but my mood was considerably lifted by 2 courses which caught my eye: mass comm in wkw and linguistics in hsc. now that I’ve got a goal, maybe i should ditch my airport guide job and scout for an internship in a publishing house to boost my potrfolio and show my sincerity and passion. Slowly slowly…despite the similarities, both emphasize on language, the uses and work that entails is vastly different. I need to make out my interests and aptitude and figure out which suits me more.

So much work, so little time..RESULTS ARER COMING UP SOON, after a string of friday false alarms i think the real thing might be next week!! >.<“


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