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Shopping and friends
December 23, 2007, 4:58 pm
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Thanks to Cherie I now have added several versatile and classic pieces to my wardrobe =))) Far East Plaza is like the Shinjuku of Japan, ok maybe not but it’s the closest we have. Cherie is a help to boost my confidence in my newfound singlehood. Went back to Foochow recently though and i’ve never felt more unfit in my whole life!!! Went for lao shi’s studiowarming party in Chinatown tho. Great fun. Got a simple keychain in the gift exchange, the packaging said ‘Love you forever’ and I think Bowen recycled the present from some female fan of his LOL~ Gave Sophie her card and present too! Msg written in the toilet =P and she thought i was having a shit XD Yan Ran is such a sweet girl, so shyy but quite strong inside though, wasn’t soo affected after breaking up with her bf, typical Aries, I should learn from her..  Bought a pair of simple heels from U.R.S. sale at Bugis Junction. It was a simple but classy, black braids crossed on top with a one-inch heel. Saw it some months back but it was $30 then, it’s fate that I found this pair at 50% off, in my size too! The only pair remaining as the display set. Stupid cow tried it on though it was too big for her, now I swear it’s slightly bigger @.@!!


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