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Artsy inspiring day
December 21, 2007, 4:36 am
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Woke up at about 11am today cuz I stayed up till 3am last night doing the posters. Quite proud of them actually, though Mr Heng wanted it for dunno what.  

poster 1
(Read the write-ups if you want XD)

poster 2 
(Photo montage that took a ridiculously long time.)

Went to an early X’mas party at Mrs Neo’s house in Yio Chu Kang. It’s a nice place, unfortunately there’s so much space that the art peeps were segregated into their respective batches. Only Beverly, Sandy and Michael came for the Yr1s,  the only Yr2 was me. Perth 5 came +Boon Han, what a pity not Yee May too ='( Practically all the Yr4s were present, Chong Wu made cool glitter masks for them. Yr5s Dong Hao, Yazid and Wee Xuan. Yr6s Wesley Witono they all, and some ancients I’ve never met before. Still feel as out of place and awkward as before, partly because of my exposed bra-strap XD Marc was an ebullient host, accompanied by Clement his best friend. Names, names, names…

On the way home, Yaz and DH were talking abt the dating game and the various.. procedures. Personally I think it’s best to be natural, if you click good, if you don’t nvm. The advice given ‘by guys to guys’ is frankly quite insulting. I think sincerity and a good character is majorly appreciated but the whole package – looks, brains and charm – is an inevitable factor in the whole equation. Somehow, I never get to present the best of me to most acquaintances, in fact it’s a whole different persona when with my close friends. I wonder how to bridge the gap…maybe, it isn’t necessary at all…

 Back home, talked to Jing Yi about the contrast between NeoHeng. I really aspire to be like Mrs Neo. To harbour a dream of being a teacher, and set sail for a tough learning journey abroad despite financial difiiculties. She’s someone who empathizes better with us students and truly act for our own good. Let’s not talk about Mr Heng shall we, I just find him a huge fake, but it’s not as if his words have no value. They are a cautionary example to me.

 Which reminds me, the greatest lesson I’ve learnt in New York is that ‘Nobody’s a loser unless they think they are.’ There’s always a higher mountain to scale so always aspire for great things. And make baby improvements in the mean time. It takes very long to change one’s mindset and behaviour. Bleah.. And the words of wisdom I’ve gleaned today are ‘

Well…start from what u really like and enjoy and gives u a strong sense of satisfaction cus even if u are quite gd at smth but u dun really have passion for it..ultimately u ll regret cus u cant be gd at what u are now forever. There are countless pple out there who cld be way better than u. Yeah thats reality. U might feel that hey i might quite gd at this then when u enter uni u realise u are nothing. but if u reallly like what u are doing then at least not that bad u can go on u won’t mind if ur not the bestcuz ur alrdy trying ur best n making progress. But of cus there ll still be other factors like people factor which u cant control. u might like what u r doing but if u end up in a class or group whom u cant click with..or cant get along well then u might  not enjoy urself either. Haha but thats secondary la, can overcome it eventually.


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hellow hellow hellow 😀
my blog is
You are right!
wordpress is convenient xD nyahhahahas

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gee. i m flattered, srsly. lol..and ivan says u’re very brave! (for blogging abt mr heng on ur blog ;p)

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