Thou greatest enemy is thyself

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December 11, 2007, 1:52 am
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Friendster Horoscpe for the Day

The Bottom Line
Why choose to assume a negative outcome in an unknown situation? Think positive.

In Detail
Are you afraid of having a certain conversation with someone who holds a lot of power over your life? There’s no knowing for certain how things will go down, but why choose to assume a negative outcome rather than to assume a positive one? They could be critical, but they could also be positive. Think about it. You have to start being more creative in how you approach the unknown. Realize that you can visualize whatever you want. So hope for the best — and expect the best, too!

Thought of Mr Tickles¬†immediately. But then again veered to the conversation to Aunty Lorna and Nancy at the market this morning. Was takling about uni and future career, perhaps it’s good to write a ‘Letter to Myself – to be Opened after 10 Years’ and visualise my dreams and hopes. Gonna do the Eng Wah movie card design too. And read up about graphic. And cook up and impressive resume that reflects my true self, potential and ambition.

Oh by the way, came back at 2am Monday morning, slpet at 4am and woke up at 6pm, 14 HOURS!! I bet no one slept longer than that. Oh and I stayed online till now *yawn* better go airport to see Ling off (:


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