Thou greatest enemy is thyself

November 23, 2007, 1:57 pm
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well…mr tong said. Kissing is an act of love for girls. Sex is overrated to guys, what they crave is the emotional security and trust in their girl. I think, being the insecure person that I am, i was scared of commiting all my feelings to him and getting hurt or rejected in the process; even as i loved him wholeheartedly, there were inhibitions, and true enough, i’ve fulfilled my own prophecy.

there exists a large possibility that he may no longer have feelings for me, but he WILL never play the bad cop, eventually i will do what needs to be done. Sigh. This for my own good. I’ve invested too little in emotional stability. I should rely on my own acceptance of myself and not Mr Tickles, or anyone.

On me feeling like a failure. There’s no use lowering my expectations when ppl around me know where i can reach. So simply delay such high expectations and work towards it in future. In the mean time, religion, friends, productive activities will keep my mind occupied and heart healthy. Whether I get into nafa or laselle, i shall catch up with my peers in at most a year’s time.


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jia you!! n all the best!!

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