Thou greatest enemy is thyself

November 21, 2007, 5:24 pm
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The Virgoan urge to create perfection reflects the innate creativity of people born under this Sign, their keen sense of aesthetics and order, and their natural predilection for the worthwhile in life. From a very early age they are often interested in the visual and decorative arts and crafts, antiques and fine music.

Their perfectionism also underlies their methodical approach to work, their gift for detail and accuracy. They tend to have quite exceptional memories and do well in tests of ready reckoning or factual recall. They usually make good students, historians, navigators and health practitioners. They are also keen and shrewd and these plus their other natural talents stand them in good stead if they follow careers in journalism.

The Virgonas’ methodical nature also favours work which involves planning and periodical checking. They are happy to accept responsibility so careers requiring assiduous supervision and inspection such as editing, pharmacy, banking, insurance, and product management are indicated for Virgoans.

They are renowned for creating tranquil conditions about themselves, whether at work or at home. Virgoans often gravitate towards humanitarian issues, acting as go-betweens, arbitrators and diplomats. However, Virgoans typically work very hard, so thatwhile working for the betterment of others they may simultaneously overlook their own well-being.

Virgoans are generally kind-natured, gentle folk, so their ability to detect undesirable acquaintances – and to guard against their advances – is a useful one.

Virgoan born towards the end of the Sign, from around 9 September onwards, can be quite complicated individuals, combining a quixotic nature and a hasty temper with the more typical Virgoan eye for detail and highly retentive memory. They tend to be very lucky because this latter part of the Sign comes under the fixed star Zosma which brings benefits through the oddest and most unlikely situations.

Sudden changes in fortune are the special hallmark of those born on or near 9 September. The downside for these Virgoans is that they seem to move through many relationships, both business and personal, becuase their nature is restless and they seek and attract change. They would do well to combine these traits with their meticulous Virgoan streak, finding the right occupational niche for themselves.



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