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opening up
November 15, 2007, 4:09 pm
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Went to SOT today at about 1. Min was there early..and i knew that something was up, but she couldn’t bring herself to tell me after one week plus of ‘haiz…i dunno…’ i never thought that opening up could be so difficult, it’s not a prob for me at all. Then, she made up her mind, snuggled into the dirty blue couch, and started to say it out, about her ups and downs since sec 1, Now she’s living all alone in that Bukit Timah apartment, I’m worried that she’ll sink into a deeper funk muling over the past. What I’m sure of is that she’s MUCH better now, after coming to SOT. Hope that she finds meaning in life sooon. I plan to help by psycho-ing her to come for camp (: After listening to her, I guess i really took my supportive family for granted, adults and mentors who watch over me, as well as various circles of friends who tirelessly listen to my rabid rants. Argh. I need to become more independent, keep saying time and time again, but as long as my parents don’t kick me out of the house, I’ll keep stretching my palms out for food and money.

Today Mr Tong complimented me and minmin…say that we are good ppl to rope into a team (: I erally hope to start my own business one day, doing what I really loev (: Did the DISC* test. My projected self in front of others is a DIC (Domineering Influential and Caring?) which is a Communicator, found the description very true. Then my true self and improved self is a DSC, which is a Leader, which is pretty good too (: Better copy the thing from Mr Tong and paste it here! šŸ˜€


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