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Big Girls are Beautiful
September 9, 2007, 12:59 am
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Recently watched Hairspray, the musical/movie starring John Travolta in a female fat suit and Nikki Blonsky as Tracy Turnblad, her irrepressible politically-correct daughter who makes it big, pardon the pun, on the Corny Collins dance show. There’s no doubt she has a great voice, great personality and great moves. It’s really refreshing to see plus-sized protagonists, Queen Latifah as Motormouth Maybelle is another example. The stick insects are portrayed as the villains; Michelle Pfeifer looks like a wrinkly Barbie doll tottering around with an oversized head. Even the supporting roles Amanda Bynes and Zac Efron are curvaceous and sport that lean athletic look respectively. I think it’s high time that fat ppl go mainstream in the media, it’s evident that they have as much (or even more) personal magnetism (ignore that ‘going into orbit’ joke) as conventionally skinny stars, AND they cater to a larger demographic in the US. It makes economic sense and celebrates social differences.

There are many celebrated icons out there who do not fit the cookie cutter size 6 and below. Oprah Winfrey is one, still alive and kicking and raking in big bucks. Another Hong Kong household star is Lydia Sum. Sadly, she’s battling terminal liver cancer and it’s utterly heartbreaking to see her shrink to her current frail state. Pavarotti has already succumbed to liver cancer. Sigh…

Actually, I detest fatness, it represents weakness of will to me. But some natural chubbiness is okay, it can mean an enjoyment of luxury, like FOOOD. I especially admire Huimin, who actively lost half her original weight by swimming and NOT crash dieting. Argh..if I’m not careful, my figure will go to seed and become PEAR-SHAPE. The hips and thighs are simply nightmare areas!! @.@”


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i can only WOW at your language..

your entries are nice to read. 🙂

Comment by shunqiang

really *^.^* yours too, make me laugh (and cry. when u remind me of cw)

Comment by lil.miss.bipolar

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