Thou greatest enemy is thyself

April 3, 2007, 1:45 pm
Filed under: movie, review

My heart’s still beating very fast, 50 minutes after leaving TM GV. 300 is awesome. ALL THOSE ABS! *drool* Lol jk.. Basically, tis a dramatization of Frank Miller’s graphic novel 300. King Leonidas led an army of 300 to defend Sparta against the overwhelming Persians who’re under Xerxes, self-proclaimed god, meglomanic gay. Yeah, ‘Freedom is Important’ and Zack Snyder makes sure this message is driven into our brains using brilliant visuals.

I’m no movie purist; the plot may be excellent, characters compelling, but it’s the aesthetic appeal that draws me most. Using bluescreen technology and polished CG effects, the audience is plunged into a dreamscape where EVERYTHING is beautiful, even the splattering blood and chopped off heads. Yes, violence is glorified, but justifiably so. You’ll see it in their eyes; to protect their loved ones and homeland, the only beacon of hope for democracy! *wipes a tear*

Haha ok..that was gay, but I was on an emotional rollercoaster; one moment adrenaline-pumping battle scenes, the next heartbreakingly tender ‘last-time-sex’. Not much diff from my current state actually, gungho but utterly vulnerable. 300 was TRULY inspirational, taught us to be strong and brave in the face of potential downfall, have faith in the small group of staunch friends who stick around, and last but not least to stand true to oneself. The odds might be against you, but learn to laugh and not take life too seriously, and things will turn out fine, yeah =)

Which reminds me of some of the memorable moments in the movie. A hail of arrows that blot out the sun shower on the Spartans, and while they’re crouched under their shields, one guy starts giggling and sets them off with some joke about ‘fighting in the shade’. Like very funny meh?? LOL~ Then there were the sad sad parts, sigh..oh man just go see for yourself ya? I guarantee you’ll be blown away.

Credits to Rachel who lent me her IC cuz I’m not yet 18, and also Li Ling who agreed to accompany me despite only asking her last night. Thanks for lending me $4.50 to buy the April issue of FiRST. Shucks I must learn delayed gratification. Paiseh if I couldn’t hear what you were whispering, was 99.99% absorbed in the movie.

Oh wait wait!! There was one scene which I disliked and it was when King Leo died a martyr, arms wide open and struck to the ground by cruel arrows. Uncanny resemblance to Jesus Christ’s crucifixtion. Bleah. Oh and the person I admired most was the Queen, who pulled the blade on the traitor. Such a woman!! “Only Spartan women give birth to Spartan men.” Visible wrinkles, slightly saggy breasts but still magnificent and eloquent.My IDOL *claps claps*


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